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  1. sister is not abusing and wants whats best for her brother also recently found out that keyholder im asking about had key cut without owners knowledge does this change matters at all thanks for all the advice you have given we are in process of emptying house with owners knowledge to sell them to raise funds for his care. i don't wish to say who keyholder is at this point
  2. Home owners sister has power of attorney i have been made aware of what the will contains and keyholder is not down to receive any of the contents in the house, that is being given to someone else
  3. hi im seeking a bit of advice regarding a keyholder to an unoccupied house, what im asking is that a relative of mine is a keyholder to another relatives house but they are in a nursing home a few of us think that the keyholder is taking stuff from the property without the owners knowledge, can i contact police regarding this or is the fact that because they are the keyholder they can take things, this is quite a sensitive issue as im related to both people. the person in the nursing home won't be going back to their house again we are having to sell the house to pay for nursing ho
  4. so i should just wait to hear from them again and not contact them
  5. hi again sent letter requesting both no further contact by phone and copy of original contract sent this at start of Feb. had a reply saying contact will be by post only and also they will forward copy of original contract this has yet to arrive should i sit and wait or can you give me any advice on what i should do now. thx
  6. update on my ticket i have had 4 letters from control account the amount they want has got less on each one the last letter being sent to me in August last year so hopefully heard the last from them
  7. ok thx will let u know what happens
  8. thanks for all your info. i have written a letter to Lewis requesting a copy of the original contract and only contact me by post is this a good idea or not.(i havent posted it yet)
  9. i am going to write a letter today though not sure what sort of thing to put in it could anyone possibly help me i would appreciate it very much. thx
  10. lewis sent the letter, i was dealing with santander as i receieved a default notice and gave them my income and expenditure details with offer of reduced payment due to current financial situation didnt hear back from santander there is no PPI on the account i then got the letter from lewis this week i have heard that i could ask lewis for a copy of the original contract is this correct. thx
  11. hi not sure how to start a new thread regarding the issue above i have been recieving phone calls and more recently a letter stating final demand (this is the only letter i have recieved from them) for a store card that was taken out with santander the letter is quite threatening with court orders and collectors being sent to my house i have tried calling them but constantly on hold for which im being charged for not sure what the next step i should take regarding this i.e. offer of payment im not able to afford much at the moment and im sure i will be fobbed off by them with regard to minimum
  12. thx again abby i dont want to pay them anything it was their stupid bank charges which caused the overdraft to go out of control
  13. thx again abby, what happens if they dont send the relevent information back
  14. thx for that every1 is there a template link i could use for the CCA to barclays
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