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  1. I know this is an old thread but I'd be interested how Mad got on with this in the end, I'm having major problems with UW at the moment since joining them in June when I moved addresses. Basically I live in a 1 bedroom flat on my own, with electric wall heaters (which I try and avoid using) and no gas and my bills are still £100 a month! After complaining and asking for information they have subsequently increased to £200 for this month. Ridiculous.
  2. Should I also give them the dates of agreement, payment schedules & my DOB as well?
  3. Hi all, First time poster so hope I'm not breaking any rules with this one. I've had a number of loans over the last 10 years, some with and some without PPI - I've been keeping an eye on the whole issue for a while now and always though it wasn't worth claiming as unfortunately I'm one of these people who nevers keeps financial documents. Looking at my credit file from creditexpert, I can see that I've had the following loans: Egg Account Opened Account Closed 19/05/2005 23/12/2006 23/12/2005 09/11/2007 Barclays Account Opened Account Clos
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