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  1. Ok , time to own up Have been a union rep for many years and won more cases than i have lost - also just got my diploma in employment law Used to use this forum as a good source of advice - twice i have use fictitious problems as "test cases" to see what advice people of here would have given , both times i have received totally the wrong and often patronizing advice about cases i have won in the work place - i used to tell my colleagues to use this forum as a good source of advice , no longer anyways , good luck all and whatever ....
  2. So I went and had a chat with our senior HR person who was a bit concerned to hear that staff were being told they had to do "mandatory" courses on days off , especially when they had fulfilled there contractual hours/ training commitment (at a CQC inspection we were slated for a "bullying culture" by managers ) So end result , I obviously have to do the courses but it will be done in work time when I am on shift
  3. thanks for the replies - we have a relief factor built into our rotas which is meant to cover staff for things like this , but suppose ill just have to suck up and do it . Seems a bit of a liberty though that when training days are incorporated into a rota and your contractual hours that even when you have used your training days that they can just label a course "mandatory" and tell you that you have to do it on a day off ..... never mind I can retire in 2 years with a 31 year pension so no big deal
  4. Hi, I work a 6 week rotating rota - contract is 37.5 hours a week . Every 15 weeks we are given a "training day" which is 11 hours ( our shifts are 12 hours) . So around 2 1/2 training days a year which we are paid for and are expected to use to cover various mandatory and voluntary courses related to our line of work . It is our responsibility to arrange this training and if you start to owe the company training days e.g. not using them , they can tell you when and what you are doing as you owe them these days as your paid for them ! Anyways i am a good boy and use my trainin
  5. Update PPI claim successful one loan from 1996 , second loan (which i defaulted on ) from 2000 total PPI + interest : £3795 Happy person !!
  6. UPDATE : Emailed my points above to a senior manager who agreed that the 6 month delay in the deduction was unacceptable and has advised payroll to refund the days pay PS : the reason we have a "nanny policy to check on people when they dont turn up for work " is unfortunately in the emergency services we have higher than normal rates of PTSD and suicides
  7. I understand the not getting paid bit , my "defence" is that i was told it would be deducted at the end of December and after i highlighted to my line manager on how they had not followed there own policy when someone does not turn up for a shift and that other people have just had a day deducted from there leave entitlement , rather than a days pay deducted ....as the money was not taken out at the end of december i assumed it had been resolved - i couldnt confirm this as said manager has been off sick for the past 4 months After speaking to another manager he cant give an answer as to
  8. I may be on a loser here but will try and explain as short as possible November 2015 I thought I was on annual leave but was contacted half way through the day by my workplace to say I was meant to be at work . I said I was on leave, but was told I had cancelled it 7 weeks previously - I had genuinely forgot that I had cancelled the leave . So when I returned to work the following day I had a meeting with a manager and he told me I would be deducted a days pay , my defence was that If I had been contacted at the shift start time I could have been at work in under 30 mins , had a l
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum Would this be legal to carry in the UK ? It sprays out a harmless red gel that stains anyone it hits for about 5 days.
  10. Hi, I put in a SAR to Lloyds bank even though I closed my accounts with them longer than 6 years ago . The records sent back by them show that I opened my account in 1993 and closed my current account in 2001 ? but also showed I had a loan which I paid off by 1999 and then another taken out in 2000 which I ended up being dealt with by BLS collections , Backstory as short as possible : back in 2001 I decided to get control of my finances and got in touch with CCCS who set up a debt management plan with my 5 creditors - 2 of which were Lloyds bank -
  11. Thanks for the replies I will get TiL for the days I have to attend court from my main job and stood down off any shifts I am working , but the second job I do - I get offered shifts in advance which I cant confirm due to the trial . They keep changing the dates I have to attend and basically don't want me to book any holidays etc for the next 6 months which is a pain . But as highlighted looks as if I have no option but to attend
  12. I have been sent a Notice to attend court as a witness , its at crown court . I spotted an intruder in my work place , alerted a few people and he managed to escape before caught . The police later arrested him as he was known to them (serial offender) and has been charged with several offences . I have been given a date to attend court and have had to do a statement , but now dates keep being changed and as I do two jobs this is affecting my income, as I cant confirm shifts that are being offered to me as I have to keep dates free to possibly at
  13. This is a long shot but wonder if anyone could advise I had a £7,000 loan from lloyds with PPI .. if i remember rightly it was around 2000 . i fell in money problems - basically living off credit cards , fell behind with loan repayments and ended up around £1000 overdrawn which got bigger and bigger with the constant charges , and fees for letters to tell you , your were overdrawn after burying my head in the sand for ages i finally set up a debt management plan with CCCS to pay off the lloyds loan, overdraft , MBNA, egg and barclays. Lloyds refused to accept if for about 9 mont
  14. Hi, Yes , we had DSE assessors in that are employed by the company i work for and are senior management - does not really install much confidence in there impartiality I suppose i was just after those 20 mins back to put my feet up ...
  15. thanks for the replies . we have a H+S rep but works at a different site , have spoke to union rep to bring it up , unfortunately has very little power in the workplace as 90% of staff never back them up so management do what they want . When i spoke to our union rep they suggested that there understanding of time away from screens was agreed many years ago as 120 mins per shift - management introduced this 20 min training thing specifically for a changeover to a new computer system which we have now been using for several years and refuse to remove these so called "training breaks"
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