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  1. thxs Mahala will read, read, and read some more is there a letter 1,2,3,etc that can be used by everyone to fight the same bank let me know if you can. I have telephoned my bank and asked for 6 years bank statements they said they would send them and it would cost me £5 when I receive them and check my charges what do i do next and what is DPA.
  2. Hi everyone im new on here and would like all the help I can get. I want to get my overdraft bank charges returned to me. As you can see im with Barclays anyone in the same position could you please give me guidance in the prosses of what to do and how to start:confused:
  3. hi what is volunteer and what do i send them sorry to sound a bit silly thxs pete
  4. hello I am a small fish in a very large pond and I need the help of all the big fish out there can you all please help me through this I want to get my overdraft charges back from my bank were do I start. All help one another and we will win. My claim might not be a large one but all wins are good for the small fish. please let me know how to start and get through this all help welcome. thxs pete
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