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  1. Hi! Who can helpme here? I have a debt with a builder who walked off the job because he said that I should pay him some money, no agreement was made at the start, although I did give him £1K ( for materials), he produced a bill for just over £6000 without any breakdown he then gave me an ultimatum to pay all of the bill even though he had not completed That is when he walked off the job, I had to pay another builder £1200 to finish and repair some of the work he had carried out, he issues proceedings for an inflated ammount £8900, we have been negotiating a final price for his work which is about halfway between the two amounts. I need a special letter to him for an agreement to the amount to make it legally binding which will cost me £20 into court, can someone help me with this?? megansden
  2. Hi! all I have got to the stage where judgement has been given to me and a judge will determine the amount that should be paid back, the bank have offered Half of the claim I am about to write to them dismissing the offer and will wait for the judge to determine the amount pnorman
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