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  1. if you still want more options & overview recommended is national debtline website plenty of factsheets download as pdf including all the formalities of sheriff officers & attachment Wasn't it widely reported quite recently that seizure for auction re council tax was banned in scotland? [like private vehicle clampers] national debtline, if you ring 'em or email, will have ALL the relevants
  2. "....would it be worth making an affordable but regular payment direct to Ross & Roberts via...." just a personal opinion, but no, absolutely not "why talk to the monkey [about peanuts] when you can talk to the organ grinder?" there is nothing to gain by dealing with the bay leaves but plenty of potential for loss given the vulnerable status marked by benefits type, this case ought be taken back by the council immediately & considered for a vulnerability waiver ANY failure on the part of pompeii council to do this is grounds for a service complaint to the coun
  3. please excuse brevity of reply [limited time to spend online] still dealing with the bayleaves? there's a standard bit of advice offered by a regular cagger fork-it which may be found on Brumgal's thread [page2 of threads at time of writing - would cut & paste it but I'm too junior to post links] to get a council's local tax services office to call off their bayleaves [compelling evidence....14 day notice....regulations] another option is firing into the council's complaints process [see their website for how] As you did not receive notice prior to the heari
  4. [brassneck? like the wedding present song? great on 45rpm -pass the strobes!] yeah, thanks for your contribution, though cynically, perhaps not a fish to fry hereabouts although the present incumbents do not share their political quorate, or necessarily their "political capitol investment" policy, with the brainiacs who dreamt up this abortion hopefully, these companies weak link may turn out to be their data structures data protect/FOI? No! If these companies are using PRIVILEGED information from one division, to inform their annual KPIs [key performance indicators...
  5. just quick note to concur with ting&dx Bay-leaves? - "why talk to the monkey when you can talk to the organ grinder" Yeah, local taxation services offices tend to be lightly undereducated "computer says no" operations but get 'em to sign for a royal mail recorded delivery letter, and because anyone can find out WHEN they DID receive it [using the track & trace no. & the royal mail website] & you have effectively the crown as witness to the receipt, any of their subsequent whacky "rock the boat gently" tactics can seem pretty lame when you hit the council's [maybe 2n
  6. This opinion is that Council tax liability orders (CTLOs) are INHERENTLY & FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED [see below] but that these flaws must have been anticipated during the preparation of the legislation and a few ameliorations applied, knowing that in fullness of time evidence might accumulate suggesting that EITHER those flaws would manifest OR [against all reasonable expectations] CTLOs would work out fine in practice as instruments of ultimate sanction for local tax. argument summary - Failings in practice Policy flaws naturally might be expected to lead to untoward c
  7. Hi - assuming that neither of you heard anything from the local taxation services PRIOR to their application for a council tax liability order [CTLO] there is standard advice that a frequent cagger fork-it repeats [bit I can't cos I'm still too junior to include the link - but you can browse these threads & find it compelling evidence....regulation sections etc] now the above means will not necessarily retract the CTLO, but may well suspend enforcement action, pending a mutually agreeable installment plan to which I'll just add that.... bailifs? "Why talk to the monke
  8. [trying to be brief] interesting xls document however, this opinion is that council tax liability orders [CTLO] number is some whacky multi-order cumulative [those 20-30% numbers might require some 24hr drive-through court with a number of octopoid magistrates rubber-stamping like crazy] columns 22/23, linked to eligible households & net collectable tax would seem to deliver a route to an "order of magnitude", "fuzzy logic" esque idea of the kind of numbers your FOI request seems after headline figure - about 90% council tax is fuss free specific figures Bham 0
  9. 2nd stage complaint broadly accepted by head of service their opinion to not proceed overjoyed? cautiously so shocked?yes happy? don't make me laugh still plenty of potential for undeserved distress for disadvantaged/vulnerable folks so plenty of detail to follow -will post within a week
  10. visit national debtline website download & digest bailiff factsheets -will tell you exactly what they can & cannot do could also ring them, if you want - daresay they will help [in my amateur opinion, £20 sounds very fair - however do they know you are on benefits, yet? [you can use an expression such as " this household presently only enjoys a minimal benefit level income" to leave you some ambiguity elbow room] if they do know you're on benefits, what they will want is £8 per week, more or less- my amateur advice -pay them nothing until you secure their agreement
  11. that is the question I was trying to answer when I wrote that it would be difficult to dispute I am not saying that it is fair Magistrate's courts liability orders for council tax were introduced in 2002 [i think] Many of the threads in this forum are about instances like yours and mine where no advance notice of the magistrate's hearing is received -the magistrate is bound by the council tax liability order rules and will have had to see enough evidence to persuade them that you ARE a suitable candidate for them to determine you to be "liable" and order the liability
  12. nothing to gain by signing anything for bailiffs or having anything to do with them -plenty to lose by signing the bad news is disputing a magistrate's liability order for council tax [is designed to be &] may be difficult however you might swiftly get the order recalled by the council from the bailiffs as follows did you get a letter warning you the liability order hearing was about to happen? [known as a 14 day notice] If not you do have grounds for a service complaint to the local taxation services "This service user did not receive the 14 day notice. Whil
  13. Also agree with hallowitch - nothing to gain by signing anything for a bailiff, or having anything to do with them -plenty to lose by signing Not sure from your 1st post - did you get a letter warning you the liability order hearing was about to happen? [known as a 14 day notice] If not you do have grounds for a service complaint to the local taxation services "This service user did not receive the 14 day notice. While accepting the local taxation services may have met their minimum statutory obligation in this regard, that this service user in this instance did not receive
  14. not posting the full letter [stage 2 complaint] just the tasty bits "skirting renunciation" renunciation is one of the means by which a liability can be released - in contrast to plain unequivocal release, a "wall of renunciation" need not have any individual "brick" - an individual act or statement, be unambiguous "renunciation" does need 1. objective evincement of the intention to terminate 2. subjective conviction by the recipient that the termination is clear and absolute "skirting" as in skirting the edge of a frozen pond - until foot plunges into cold water, "renun
  15. How weird Not unusual in case of shortfall of national insurance contributions [say a spell abroad, or a gap of some months in neither PAYE employment nor benefits] for the hmrc to simply write and inform, making it clear it is in no way a final demand -basically "you may want to sort this out before you hit 65 or your state pension will be reduced". £200 = about 8 or 9 months....ring any bells? HMRC, would seem a reasonable 1st port of call to ask what gives
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