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  1. Bazooka Boo could you put the letter on the thread for me to copy has I have been trying to open your thread for the past hour and it won't let me veiw it Thanks Em
  2. Yes they have sent a letter saying it's an over payment made to me back in 2000/1 and they are claiming I didn't tell them I had started work, I find this completely untrue because I would have informed them of the change and around that time I started getting working tax credits therefore I no longer claimed income support. Shall I ignore the letter from the solicitors then and send the DWP a SAR.
  3. Hello Just thought I would update my situation with my over payment from DWP. I sent letter requesting info to Fredrickson LTD they replied stating that the over payment did occur but whilst I wasn't claiming benefits and working I maybe in a better position to pay the debt off now rather than when I was older, I decided to ignore the letter and today I have recieved a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP asking for a payment in full in the next 14days to Fredrickson failing to do so it will be referred to the solicitors, with additional charges?! What should I do any suggestions should I just set up a payment plan?? I'm slightly annoyed that I'm paying back a DCA if I was to pay back DWP I would gladly do so but they refused my offer. Em
  4. Thanks guys I will sleep better now, the help is so appreciated. I will keep you updated. Em
  5. I'm confused because DWP refused to let me pay them back and told me to pay IQOR, and I can't believe I being put through this stress when the debt isn't my fault in the first place!! I thought debts are sb'ed after 6years but with this being DWP I'm panicking. Also unclebulgaria67 the DCA I spoke to said I could not appeal against this as it's been going on for to long? Em
  6. Hi again thanks for your advice I have wrote a letter to the DCA asking them to request a breakdown on my behalf, I also spoke to the DWP asking them what and when this overpayment occurred and they informed it was a overpayment of a £1000 when I was claiming income support back in 2000, I also asked them to send me a breakdown of this. I said if I was to accept this debt could I pay them directly and not have the DCA involved to be informed that I would have to pay this debt to the DCA ???? I'm not really sure I want to pay back the DCA ??? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Em
  7. Hi Looking for some assistance just received a debt collection letter from Fredrickson INT Ltd, asking for me to pay them back an amount of money in excess of £1000.00 I called them and they said this was a overpayment made to me back in 2001/2. I had no idea this had occurred back then I was on income support I got a job so applied to working tax credits therefore income support stopped as I was no longer entitled. I have since moved house and they have been unable to contact me, I asked them to speak to the DWP and get some written confirmation sent to me in black and white explaining how this happened and exactly what it's for, they asked me to send a letter requesting this information to them does anybody have any suggestions or template letters I could use. What would you advice I do next please help. Also the debt agency told me the overpayment was only for £380.00 and now they want over a grand??? HELP
  8. thanks both for your help, I'll keep you posted
  9. hiya Brig, Is there any chance u could copy & paste the "I don't acknowledge letter" to this thread as it won't let me open it in the library. thanks again
  10. Hiya all i'm back, after a quite few months yesterday i recieved a letter from another debt company this time they are called MacKenzie Hall. It appears that lowells as passed my cap 1 debt to these, but lowells are still named as the pursuers & oddly to email mackenzies the email address begins with [email protected]??? The letter is threatening a doorstop assessment, possible claim against me in my local court, attachment of earnings ect.. if i do not contact them in 72hrs. I would be really grateful if anybody could offer me any advice or if you have dealings with this company yourselves. hope to hear from someone soon many thanks in advance
  11. Hiya folks jst a thought if i start contacting them regarding this account will the 6yrs before it's SB start all over again, also can you provide a link to the i do not acknowledge letter. thanks emma
  12. Hello again need your help again!! Lowells have wrote to me again this time about my cap1 account, they are saying they will go on to my credit file and find out where i work? if i have a mortgage etc... depending on what they find out they may take court action or use a door stop agent to arrange payments. They claim to have had this account since july '07 which i have no idea about. They then go on to say they would prefer to avoid further action against me because courts costs incurred will be added to my account & they do not want to increase my debt and cause me extra stress and that speaking to them about my debt can be embarassing for me. i am worrying about what to do next as this account is so old i last had any correspondence in '06 sometime, any advice would be much apprieciated thanks.
  13. thanks formister thats a great help will keep you informed with what might happen next, do you have any idea what brigadier means on my thread? i'm alittle confused by his reply
  14. hi brigadier jst read your reply not sure what you mean?
  15. i have had a reply from the letter you told me to sent which i posted on here yesterday, the letter Bazooka boo is telling me to sent is the letter you told me to sent last time, shall i resent the letter or ignore? yeah i had a C1 account which i probably made a last payment to in '06 sometime? what is a notice of assignment? all thats in the letter from lowells about Cap1 is they would be obliged if i called them to discuss repayment, they then go on to say if i've not got in touch within 14days the account referred to our Debt collection agent at lowell financial who will contact me regarding this account. Now i'm worrying even more your help will mean alot
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