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  1. I used the templates that were on the site, I followed the instructions laid out as how to go about filing the claim forms in so I cant have made a mistake. My case has been passed onto my local court so I will be posting a copy when I send my AQ to them. I will also be sending the court copies of my statements with the charges highlighted & cross referenced to the schedule of charges.
  2. Thanks Bean. I sent a copy of my spreadsheet to the bank & also to the solicitors so I doubt they will have managed to lose both copies, or is this another stalling tactic. Should I send a copy of the spreadsheet to the court with my AQ? I was thinking of sending a copy in anyway but is it a good idea at this stage. I'd like to have a look at your covering letter if possible gary. Also does anyone know of a website where i can find the Civil Procedure Rules?
  3. They have disputed the whole amount of the claim. I received the Allocations Qustionaire this morning with a copy of the defence attached. Its very long winded, see below Defence 1. The defendant Lloyds TSB Bank plc (the bank) is a bank whose registered office is 25 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HN. It is admitted that the Claiment has been a customer of the Bank at all material times. 2. The Defendant will object that the Particulars of Claim in this action disclose no reasonable cause of action against the Defendant and makes no allegations against the Defendant as to why
  4. Cheers, Your info was most appreciated
  5. I have just logged on to HMCS to see if there was any progress with my case against LLoyds. They submitted a defence disputing the whole amount that I have claimed. Is this a usual thing with them? The solicitors they are using is SCM which appears to be the same with most people claiming against them. Can anyone tell me what the next course of action is? Am i right in believing that I will receive a questionaire from the bank? :o
  6. Hi, Do you mean re-sending the original letter to the bank claiming back the charges? Cheers Tom
  7. A few years ago, well about 10 actually I had a loan from Paragon for £8000. I got myself into some serious debt and went insolvent. I put Paragon on my insolvency forms. Paragon accepted my final payment through the insolvency which amounted to £4500. Everything was fine for about 3 months then they filed against my wife for the remainder of the balance. She wasn't even on the original loan agreement so how can they possibly do this? On the letters that they keep sending the balance now totals over £6000. So not only are they after £6000 from my wife they ha
  8. Cheers, Did you use a letter template from the forum? The form I've got back is printed in the signature box. So no actual person to send it to Tom
  9. Thanks Trev. Who did you send your letter to? The bank or the solicitors?
  10. I have just received a letter from the court with an attached sheet. It is from Lloyds' solicitors stating that they are intending to defend all of the claim. Is this usual of the Lloyds. Solictors are Sechiari Clark & Mitchell, Brighton. Any advice would be most appreciated. Tom
  11. As expected the letter states that they are sorry I'm not happy with my account charges. There is also a whole other pile of crap in the letter which basically ends with them saying they will not cancel the charges they have levied against me . Could anyone advise me on my next course of action? Cheers Tom
  12. Just wanted to say hi & thanks for all the good advice available. Cheers Tom:)
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