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  1. I am having the same problem having followed Sequenci's blog advice. Could anyone help me enforce this F and F? My bank are telling me that the third party cheque has no legal standing and does not bind them in anyway. I could do with some help here as my FIL is 2k lighter and Im still being hounded...ouch!! LOL
  2. In one of my three cases, yes. I have two more to attempt but need to get the process right. Do I have to leave my details off the cheque Swampi? Thx, Paul
  3. I have recently submitted a F and F to my bank. I did in fact write on the back of my cheque. Could this be why they are now pursuing me for the full balance? Anybody?
  4. Can I ask how did Oily get them to clear his credit file without taking them to court. I've just done a 3rd part full and final but the bank is refusing to accept my arguments. Thx
  5. You say you 'won at 10%' Oilyrag, how are you defining won? Have they accepted your payment and cleared your file?
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