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  1. I sent Barclays my court bundle last friday and was due in court on 22/01/07
  2. I do have a OD and when they pay this money in i will still owe them
  3. I received a letter today from Barclays offering me the full amount, including interest and court fees My problem is that they want to pay this into my Barclays account. I would like it to go into my new bank account. Am i able to make them send me a cheque ?
  4. First of all i would like to say hello as this is my first post! I'm am at the stage where i am about to send copys of my court bundle off the the bank (Barclays) and the court. When doing the final bits of photo copying i've realized that i'm missing a page from my bank statements, and it is the first page with a unfair charge on. What can i do??? should i send what i've got and hope to have the last page on the day? If i write to the bank do they have to send me this page again? i'm in court two weeks on monday
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