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  1. Many thanks for the above advice. I sent out a recorded delivery letter, I know it has been received, but have not heard back from them as yet. I have however received the bill again from Thames Water. As I mentioned in my first post, my landlord states that he has paid the water bills up to date, should I contact Thames Water directly/by letter? What should I say? Again many thanks for any advice recieved on this issue.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me a little bit of advice. I started renting a flat last year. I pay the rent directly to my letting agency and it is inclusive of water, gas council. I have no contact or communication with the landlord, it is all done via my letting agency. Last year I received a bill from Thames Water and then a letter from Fredricksons (debt recovery) stating there was around £250 owed. The letter was in my name. I contacted my letting agency and sent them copies of the letter etc. They said they would contact the landlord and that it would be sorted. I h
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