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  1. Just says that it has been sold by Barclaycard to HFO Capital Limited and account is now managed by HFO Services Limited.
  2. Hi again. Yes it is definitely an EX50 form attached to a schedule of litigation from HFO dated 15th February 2011.. Only other documentation i have from HFO is a reminder notice of assignment dated 10th November 2010 and a letter dated 16th December 2006 with the title "Have a happier Christmas". Prior to that Mercer debt colectors seem to of been dealing with it. And sorry 7 days was in the activity section and will be a letter before action from our external panel of solicitors they said. Further down actually says 72 hours to call 0203 450 0531 or to email them to make a repayment offer. How do i actually find out who owns the debt? And what should i actually do as my next step. Thanks again..
  3. Thank you so much. I have done a credit report with Equifax and now have the following details. Says current balance is £897 although HFO are asking for £1497 Default / Delinquent Balance £879 Date Last Delinquent 09/05 Date updated 16/07/2008 Default date 28/09/2005 Payment history is highlighted August 2005 So should i send the CCO and SAR? Thanks again for taking your time to repsond to me...
  4. Hi, I have received a letter from HFO Services with a Schedule of Litigation and attached is EX50 paperwork. The debt is from Barclaycard but i am sure this debt is over 6 years old or nearing it. I have read a little on this company and things i can do to deal with this like send a CCA request to HFO and a SAR to Barclaycard but am i missing anything else i should or should not be doing? I heard i should not sign anything that i send. Also can anyone recommend a truly FREE credit report as all i can find is ones i have to pay for? I have only recently moved back home after a long period away so have just got all this paperwork. I have never spoken nor written to barclaycard, HFO or any of the othe companies that seem to be dealing with this at one point or another, although i have been notified by my family that they have received phone calls regarding this. Please help as i have only been given 7 days to respond. Thank you in advance for any advice given....
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