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  1. I do know if this good or bad news to be honest!!!!!!!!!! Slick you are not going to believe this but I recieved a letter ou of the blue telling me they have written off my loan, I did'nt ask them to do that however due to mistakes NatWest/RBS has left me with a bad credit history nad no other hight street bank will accept me due to the false defaults on my account and my account being takem to recovery stage they still will not let listen to phone conversation they falsey transcripted.
  2. ‘Touche’ I believe is the word or is it ‘checkmate’ Slick you are amazing you never guess what now they can let me hear the conversation in one of there branches,however they will not allow me a copy of it for my own personal record due to data protection, oh yeah what silly reasoning………………..
  3. thanks so much slick I have stated this to them and it seem to be having a strange effect all of a sudden they will not release the recording as they know it will contradit with the false transcript they sent me if they think they getting away with it the got another thing coming. thanks once again slick
  4. thanks Slick132 I have but the transcripted conversation they sent was falsely transcripted in favour of the bank I just woild like to know is there a legal obligation on there part to give me an recordings of the conversation. once again thanks for you help
  5. Thanks Slick132 and fair point thanks again for looking over my documents may I ask would you know how one obtains audio file recordings of conversations with bank? Are they legally obliged to give it to me.
  6. But when a formal Demand is issued I am still entitled to 14 days til expiry the fact is they deactivated my account on the 17th Jan then after sent me this Formal Demand I am trying to get Natwest to admit that was they sent was a Formal Demand. I am very sure a demand for payment is supposed to be made (step 1) first then after the customer lapse the 14 days and still does not rectify the situation (step 2) then it sent to recovery and deactivated.
  7. thanks Vicky I knew was silly,is there anyway I can force my bank to give me information do I have to send a SAR for information on Formal Demands including Definition? Would I find this information on a CCA or my original loan agreement I looked on the NatWest site under FAQ and done an internal search could not find unoffically I know fully well what is but I need NatWest to send me their own definition as well the offical expiry date on Formal Demands as proved they breached their own rules and sent me to the recovery dept.
  8. Satutory Demands have expiry dates don't they?
  9. guys I know this is an old thread and I am not trying to hijack but I must be only person on earth allowed to take funds whilst in the collections dept but wait the reason why I was allowed to take funds out of my account was my account was at Branch level something the case handler who claims to be highly trained omitted in her final response letter.
  10. Thanks Vicky , I more than definatly will post my story up just to update you, this may have been silly but I have asked NatWest to give me information on Formal Demands including Definition under the Freedom of Information Act and if they don't I will seek remedy they have 40 working day as the definition of a default notice is in the public interest, as I can no longer accept this dispicable behaviour from Britain's so-called Most Helpful Bank
  11. Guys when you complain to financial Ombudsman about a bank in my case NatWest can you claim compensation as I have been treated badly by NatWest – for hurt feeling and stress: as I have felt so helpless since this whole thing took of and I dare say suicidal -inconvenicences:I am having bailiffs chasing me as I have been unable to pay my bills since they deactivated my account, the PPI Company are chasing me for there fee for helping me get my PPI refunded but I cannot pay them as RBS paid my PPI compensation into my NatWest deactivated account and they have taken those funds to pay for credit I owe them for, you know the real funny thing is that my PPI was paid into my account 10 days after my Formal Demand was issued, NatWest are so greedy they didn’t even let my default notice fully expired (its 14 days from date of issue) so technically I did satisfy my arrears but they still passed me to the Recovery Dept (yeah beggar’s belief huh). Postage: I have spent tons envelopes, phone calls, sending letters by recorded and special delivery (that is £5.00 a time) Any help?
  12. Remember the mantra : NEVER communicate by 'phone. Send EVERYTHING by Recorded/Special Delivery Keep a copy of EVERYTHING sent Keep hold of EVERYTHING received
  13. well that some good information I never knew the banks can be so slimey woah!!!!!!!!! this happened to my isa account only had six pounds in it never thought much of it till now
  14. You Guys are super amazing!!! Guys is this true that if they do not respond to this in 40 days you can report the bank to information commisioner http://www.ico.gov.uk/
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