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  1. Hi there, Back last year I was very successful and got paid our by Halifax very quickly, however, even though they have moved the goal-posts, I persuaded my step-daughter to persue her claim and due to delays (since Dec she didn't have enough money to pay MCOL) in completing forms it has only just gone through MCOL 18/05/07. Now I've seen a link that states that one can have a refund of the fees under certain circumstances!!! So I am persuing that as well. Barclays have defended it and it has been trasferred from MCOL Nottingham to Portsmouth CC, clerk there says the court dates at the
  2. Hi there, My money claim was issued 4th August, acknowledged 7th August paid in full 11th august. Not as big as yours but a healthy £1300. Good luck Pam
  3. Hi there, Life sucks some times, hope you both have a better and healthier 2006 than previously. Read some of the threads and see how easy it is to get your money back. All the letters are here prepared and ready for your own details to be inserted. Mine took just 6 weeks. And they didn't want to go to court, their letter states as much, Good luck to you both Pam
  4. Hi There rachel, Get going with your claim, I did and got paid out three days after claim sent, I also got the letter (4 Weeks etc.,) It seems that many people have had differing letters all mainly asking for time, don't give it to them. Pam
  5. Hi there, finally got confirmation letter saying they only paid me because they didn't want to go to court, Ah!! it would have cost them money!! The letter includes section saying they will think about closing my account if I incurr chanrges again, Doh! I won't get charges now I have all that lovely dosh in my account!!! Good Luck and happy hunting ( Halifax hunting that is) Pam
  6. Hi Billyfarr, Yeah I got paid out today - very happy lady - 26/6 to the 10/8 - hang in there - just follow the lead of others and send the correct letter. I must admit i was worried when the fee for moneyclaimonline came to £120 but i thought what the heck - in for a penny (postage stamps) in for a pound (120 of them). the Halifax must be running scared cos they paid out the day after they got served.!!!!! Good luck
  7. hang in there english rose mine wasn't as big as your claim but it sure did come in handy.
  8. Hi everyone, Claimed online 1/8/06 - didn't even have an offer at that stage!! Claim acknowledged as served 7th August - Got a letter dated 4th August offering part-payment on the 8th August - too late to stop online claim. 10/08/06 two lovely big payments went into my bank account today - more than I asked for???? From the Halifax customer services department - no covering letter or details on bank statement -so I had to ask the counter staff to check it out for me - she said Oh! you're one of those who claim money back are you? And I said YES!!!!! All you out there who ar
  9. Hi there, thanks for all you replies, I have sent the LBA today (17th July 06), waiting but not holding my breathe. Pam:?
  10. Hi there, thanks for the reply, I feel more confident now, will instigate the next stage, which I believe is court action, Pam
  11. Hi there, Can anyone help me? this is the content of two letters (FF1) I received from Stephanie McVean customer services. "I regret to advise you that, having fully considered your request, we are unable to make a refund of the charges applied to your Bank Account. I advise that under the Terms and Conditions of the account, Halifax can levy charges when there are insufficient funds in the account to cover items, which are presented for payment. We trust that customers understand these Terms and Condiitons when entering into this legally binding contract with us. Unfortunately
  12. hi all, Just received a letter from Halifax, "regret ...fully considered...we are unable to make a refund of the charges.." What do I do now???? Pam p.s. my daughter and I are spreading the word about this...loads of friends and family going to give it a go....hope they do ok.!!!
  13. Hi there, Started with set letter, posted 14/06/06 Reply including 'no statutory obligation' etc 23/06/06 Looking forward to the battle!!! 49 letters today, 28/7/06, that's quick, containing 275 statements, plowing throught them now, charges around £1000 Pam Neil
  14. I too have had the same letter 'no statutory obligation' etc. in response to the set letter sent on 14/6/06 So I will do as you suggest and send the details to them when I get them. Thanks Pam Neil
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