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  1. no i didnt, as its the first time i have filled this kind of form out, it just stated to put why i am filling it out, so i wrote the obvious then i guess, have i done wrong??
  2. on the part where it said to put why i was contesting the decision i put , roughly,as i do not have the paper in front of me.... i do not want to lose my home of nearly 17 years,the only home that my son has ever known, and that i am willing to do anything to stop this from happening as i have hopefully proven in the past (~refereing to the 12 months i was told to keep quiet~) that was pretty much what i had put, is this what you mean?? thank you
  3. my son is 18,he is on a training course so im assumung this will be classed as further education,so tech he is still a dependent, the stipulations of the abatement notice was to be quiet for 12 months, it wasnt untill 8 months into the probationary period that the woman downstairs started bombarding the housing with complaints again. i had to visit my doctor today,who now thinks i may be suffering from depression on top of everything else,tablets prescribed and she wants me to start seeing a councilor,but as i dont know if i will have a home in a few days i guess i wont be able to attend th
  4. hi there the letter came from uxbridge county court,it dont state what law its using,it just says that baillifs will be attending my property with a representitive from the housing at 9 am on the 3rd of march to remove all occupiers of my address, if i resist or become agressive i will be arrested, i have to remove all my belongings if i cant then i have to take clothes and medications and make an appointment to remove the rest of my things with them as they will be changing the locks. thats all it says, then it has the baliffs details in the bottom corner, thank you for replying
  5. Hi there, I went to the court and filled out the n244 form today, I got the 28th of this month, which if it goes badly leaves me 4 days to move out, it's creeping closer and I'm becoming increasingly frightened
  6. i have lived in my flat for 16 years, ive seen 3 occupants from the flat below come and go, then 5 years ago a woman bought the flat below me, all was well for 2 and a half years, due to a death in the family,i became depressed and started drinking, with the drink came music, in short a noise abatement notice was served, i paid the fine, had my possessions removed and got told to abide by the housings rules for 12 months. 8 months into my probation the neighbour started bombarding the housing with complaints about me again, this was aug last year, after i had put
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