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  1. It's better to order your credit report direct from the credit reference agency. You can get your first copy free from Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. After that, it costs just £2 for your statutory report.
  2. Most lenders report to Experian, Equifax or CallCredit. It's worth ordering your credit report from one of these three credit reference agencies. The entries on each report can also be different, so you could order from all three to compare. They all offer free credit reports. It's worth knowing that checking your own credit report doesn't affect your credit score.
  3. Tingy is right in that a couple of credit searches should not affect your credit score, however it depends what other searches you've also had. You definitely don't want to have too many done in a short space of time. With regard to the mortgage searches, a lender should not perform one without your permission. These checks are often required in order to get an Agreement in Principle (AIP), Decision in Principle (DIP) or Mortgage Promise for a mortgage from a lender. You should contact the lenders and find out why they have done the searches.
  4. I agree. The close your eyes and hope method rarely works out for the best!
  5. Lots of banks and building socieities don't update the credit reference agencies with bank accounts unless/until they have an agreed overdraft which has been used. With regard to mobile phone contracts, I believe they are classed as credit agreements because you make calls on the phone throughout the month but don't actually pay for them until the end of each month. This is similar to a credit card in that you can buy things on the card and pay for them later. The only difference with a mobile phone is that you have to pay the bill in full each month.
  6. I agree that this is a strange thing for a Bank Manager to say. As you've both already mentioned, a property can not have a credit rating. It must be a case of mistaken identity, e.g. where a family member with a similar name has a bad credit rating. Or it could be due to a financial association that your friend has. If your firend gets his credit report I'm sure it will become apparent.
  7. Hi, I would suggest that you keep up with your arrangement for three reasons. My first reason for suggesting this is that your debt will eventually be paid off. Secondly, when calculating your credit score, most lenders that you approach in the future for credit wouldn't look as badly on an arrangement and associated late payments on your credit file as they would a default or county court judgment. The third reason is that it would support any justification you may have about the late payments being caused by financial difficulties as opposed to just choosing not to pay back your debt
  8. Sorry James, just to clarify... are NatWest saying that you do or do not have a default for an account with them? I would have thought that if you get a copy of all three credit reports showing no default and a letter from NatWest stating that you don't have a default you could appeal the decision of most lenders. Of course no lender is obliged to lend, but most look for a reason to lend rather than a reason not to. After all, that's how they make money.
  9. hi helen, you mentioned that your debts were not showing on your credit report. have you thought about ordering your equifax and callcredit reports. they sometimes show different information to experian. you can order them both free online.
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