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  1. hi there, im new to this site and looking for some advice. i took out a £30000 loan from paragon, but within a year of taking out the loan i sold my house and repaid the loan. however they added £10000 ontop of what i owed and said it was ppi. i rang them yesterday as a friend told me i would be entitled to a rebate. i phoned them and the girl said that the ppi was still valid and she would put it to the team and they would get back to me with a figure. she wasnt able to tell me how much it was. i really dont understand any of it. but am i right in thinking i paid 10yrs ppi but only used a year of it. the loan was took out over 10yrs.
  2. hi there, ive just come across this site and need some advice. i took out a load from paragon in 2006, £30000 over 10yrs, but within the year i sold my house and went to pay off the loan and was told i had to pay and £40000 back. i rang and told them today and told them i wanted to claim back, which they said my ppi was still valid and they would be in touch with an amount. im just wondering what i will be entitled to back.
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