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  1. ericsbrother, thank you so very much for your advice and re-assurance. If and when the NTK arrives i shall upload on here.
  2. My friend visited the University Health Centre in Huddersfield HD1 3AL for a pre-booked medical appointment. As the main car parking area at the front was full she parked along the side of the Health Centre. On returning to her car after the appointment she discovered a PCN left by UKCPS stating she had no valid permit. She couldn't see any signs regarding parking restrictions and there were other people parking in the same place and going into the Health Centre. I have been on Google maps and the area does have several parking areas; not all with clear boundaries! Please a
  3. My friend has a small business and owed £180 to a supplier. The supplier passed the debt to Progress Debt Recovery who rang my friend and arranged to accept £21 per week. My friend was worried about mention of baillifs, court action etc so agreed to pay this amount even though she received nothing in writing - everything was done by phone calls .When my friend checked her bank statements she realised that 17 payments had been taken totalling £357. Progress are not only refusing to refund any money, they are asking for a further £42 to be paid and are being ve
  4. Please could someone confirm if i have to send the full letter with £1 cheque asking for all relevant evidence or just a brief 'debt not acknowledged, leave me alone' letter?
  5. I had Sky tv package, Sky talk and broadband. In July i noticed a £5 surcharge was being applied to my broadband account. I emailed Sky through My Account facility to ask why this was. Sky kept saying i wasn't being charged, but the £5 surcharge kept appearing on my bill. Eventually they told me it was because my Sky Talk had been cancelled, although i knew nothing about this. I asked a couple of times for Sky to re-activate my Sky Talk subscription to stop the £5 overcharge - Sky failed to do this so after months of emailing and being lied to and fobbed off at every turn in the end i cancelle
  6. My friend received a final reminder for outstanding Class 2 N.I.C.s of £130 stating that the amount should be paid no later than 31st July 2012.They have now received a letter dated 22nd May 2012 from DLC demanding £231.60 immediately - there is no breakdown or information just the amount.I am going to ring HMRC on their behalf but would appreciate any advice beforehand.Why have HMRC passed the debt over before their deadline date?Do DLC not have to say what the debt is for, e.g. breakdown of debt, fees, charges, dates covered, etc?Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hello all. I bought a juicer through Amazon which did not work. After several weeks of getting nowhere with the company i filed a claim through Amazon and eventually the company agreed to refund me but only after i send the parcel back at my own cost. The box is quite large and heavy and i would have to send it recorded delivery. Can the company make me send it back myself - Amazon usually send pre-printed return labels? Thanks for any advice in advance.
  8. Advice is greatly appreciated on the below, many thanks in advance for any replies. September 2010 - 16 year old enrols on NVQ2 Floristry, takes a room in the halls of residence, pays bond and rent in advance. Also buys a floristry 'kit' for £200. College doesn't have enough learners for course to run, so everyone transferred to NVQ3 Floristry. Parents of all learners then called in and told their children are struggling with the L3 course and transferred to NVQ2 Horticulture as a 'trial'. Learners all withdraw as this was not the course they wanted to do. College is insist
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