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  1. Once more, thanks PT! I've got the forms printed so I'll get onto JBW in the morning and get the ball rolling.
  2. Thanks again PT, that's an interesting read about JBW. I wasn't sure if, having now paid, I could still submit an Out of Time application. I'm still waiting for a breakdown of costs and further details from either the bailiff or JBW. It's also interesting reading about where the warrant was issued to - the address that JBW has on file is an address I moved out of in February 2010, some months before the congestion charge was issued in May 2010. Adam.
  3. Thanks PT. My concern is that I have paid the bailiff the full amount. I've paid by credit card though so I can cancel the payment within 60 days. I'm wondering if this is an option - to cancel the payment then send off the Out of Time forms to TEC? The payment hasn't, as yet, appeared on my credit card. Adam.
  4. Hi all, I had a hand delivered letter this morning from a bailiff working on behalf of JBW Group for the fee of £506. It was, to put it mildly, a surprise. I contacted JBW who said that I'd have to speak to the bailiff but they could confirm that the charge has arised from a non-payment of congestion charge from May 2010. I'm not debating the charge itself but this is the first time I've been contacted at all regarding the payment. I recently moved and updated my DVLA information two weeks ago so I assume this is why. However my TFL account clearly has my mobile number, email an
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