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  1. Hi,Hope you understand where i am coming from..I am due to have a ex wife, married only 12 months, during the twelve months, 5 months ago, we opened a pub, this was her idea as i work awayWe have a bussiness account tied to the company for this Pub.She has offered to buy me out, she has not put a single penny into this, this is premedited.My QuestionIf i freeze the account, can my ex wife still trade in the pub, maybe in cash but this would be hardThis is just early days, and my Sol is in the process of drafting up a letter for my re-inburshments, i do not want to sign the Company over untill all issues are resolved.My sol thinks that i would win if this went into the courts, has she has not contribted any money assetts into the marrige.Sorry for going onRegardsRobert
  2. Guys,I will post in three parts, first letter to Link, then the response in the second part
  3. Regardsxxxxxxxxxx- Site Document Management Groupxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 1:28
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