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  1. It's hard to believe that Guy is still running his dodgy website after all these years. Good call on catching his wife's review.  This stuff would be funny if there weren't punters handing over thousands on the back of his bogus guarantees.

    I don't even know what kind of scam you call this. It's a front advertising website that pretends to be the actual contractor, but only takes a fee from the contractor and sells them the product.

    The other big offender that I know about doing the same thing in timber treatment is Lifecote. They've changed name and directors a few times, but are still running the same game.  They've been better than poor Guy at getting forum threads, including all my hard work, pulled down. According to his bio, Guy is now also a freelance writer and raconteur in Spain. His talents are endless.

  2. Her name is Amanda Bell, she's having a drink with him on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Guy.Alexander.Bell He got caught out a while back on a Google review from an "Amanda XXXXXXX" and that was her maiden name before she married him, he quickly edited that review. There's another load of reviews on YELL and I'd bet my house they're all fake, certainly the one from Amanda will be. What genuine person sits down on their sofa in a hat and glasses disguise and waffles on like that, you'd at least take the camera outside and film the wonderful job that NPA had done on the exterior of your house.
  3. Just a heads up if anybody remembers this thread from a few years back. There's a bit of controversy on another site about a fake Youtube Video review here: Turns out this is the wife of the guy who runs the NPA website, so triple check any reviews you see about them.
  4. Am I missing something here, but [name removed]seems to be literally insane. It is also illegal to record a telephone conversation without telling the other party PRIOR to doing so, so just ignore his lame threats Lisa.
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