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  1. Great news, I have just spoken to the court clerk and she confirmed that they had received the request to suspend the eviction from gpb, and that the eviction tomorrow would not go ahead. I asked if they would be giving me a notice of suspension of a copy of the letter from gpb to them and she said no, she advised that the e-mailled letter from gpb to me would be sufficient in the unlikely event that the bailiff turned up to evict me tomorrow morning. Should I try and call the court bailiff direct to make sure he has cancelled my eviction ? Many thanks for all your help, I fi
  2. Just seen your post Ell-enn, thank-you ! Should i complete the N244 and budget form and take them with me just in case or is the letter i have from gbp sufficient ? kind regards
  3. I have just received the letter by e-mail from gbp which says :- 'we refer to the above matter and the notice of appointment for execution of Warrant for Possession on 17th February 2011 at 9.40am and confirm that we have written to the Court requesting that the warrant be suspended on the basis that you have brought the account up to date by way of a card payment of £1,400 and agreed to discharge the outstanding balance being the sum of £3442.80 by way of instalments of £200 per month. Please note that should any payment be late or missed, then the balance outstanding will become du
  4. I have just spoken to the solicitor and she said that she was finishing the letters confirming our payment agreement, and the request to the court to suspend the eviction. she said that these would be e-mailled to me and faxed to the court in the next half hour. The court is over an hour away from me, should i still file the n244 and make my way to the court just in case, should i ask for a notice of suspension if they confirm receipt of the fax just in case the bailiffs turns up tomorrow. It might seem a bit distrusting of me but when i spoke to the solicitor today she said she was
  5. After nearly two and a half hours I eventually managed to speak to the court, the bailiff was out so I had to speak to a court clerk?, she advised that she had not received a fax or anything in the post from gbp. I asked whether the court bailiff would be back today, and she seemed to think it was unlikely. The clerk said that i should contact gbp and ask them to fax confirmation that they wish to suspend the eviction. I have not received the e-mail that gbp said they would send. When I made the arrears payment to gbp yesterday they gave me a reference number confirming that the paym
  6. What happens if i get to the court and they can't/don't hold an emergency hearing tomorrow or before the eviction date, does the eviction get put on hold until the hearing is held ? Also, if the worst happens and the judge does not grant me a suspension of the eviction, or does not give me extra time to pay the full amount (£4862), what if anything do i do, can i appeal, do i say that i am able to borrow the money to pay in full ? can i appeal after the eviction date, or appeal to higher court ie:the high court ? Sorry, but just trying to anticipate what i can do if the eviction isn'
  7. Thank-you very much Ell-enn ! Should I definitely include the paragraph stating that i am unable to pay the amount in full ? My family have said they can lend me the money if it will stop me getting evicted. kind regards
  8. Hi Ell-enn, Thank-you ! Do I need to include copies of the letters i wrote to Blake Lapthorn and GBP within the n244 ? Do I still submit the N44 even if i receive the letter from GBP confirming the agreement we came to today, and if the court bailiff confirms that he has been requested to suspend the eviction when i call them tomorrow morning ? Apologies if i am naive, but i am out of my depth with this.
  9. I paid £1400 this afternoon (which include the arrears and march 2011) by visa debit card, and then set-up a direct debit with them for £200 per month to start in April. they gave me a reference number for the card payment, and told me that they would send me confirmation that the direct debit had been set-up. She said that she would e-mail me confirmation of the agreement tomorrow, I asked whether i needed to do anything else and she said that she would contact the court tomorrow to request for the eviction to be suspended on the provision that i maintain my monthly payments. I must
  10. Ell-enn, you truly are a sanity saver ! ! I have just come off the phone from gbp, and hopefully I have good news. It truly does seem to be luck of the draw when you call these people, on my previous attempts i spoke to the collections dept who demanded that i settle the account in full to stop the eviction. Today, i spoke to a different lady in collections and explained i just wanted to resolve this matter, fortunately she said that she would put me through to the fee earner (solicitor) dealing with my account. I asked the solicitor if she would let me give her a brief history
  11. Just read your last post Ell-enn, it is unlikely that i can get the documents printed and get to the court by 3.45 as it is about an hour away, but can definitely get down there for first thing tomorrow. When you talk about the outstanding balance being paid in line 3 of your message, are you talking about the arrears of £1400, or the total amount outstanding £4862 ? once again, thank-you for all your help, i have felt v isolated and out of my depth, i feel better knowing that i am talking to someone who knows what there are talking about
  12. The reason why i didn't want to borrow the remaining money from family is that it will leave my with practically no money for the next few months, and if i was able to pay the 200 per month i would be ok and wouldn't have to put myself in debt with my family. If it is a case that i will lose my house if i don't pay the full £4862, then i will pay the full amount. Also i was hoping that i had a case for putting the original judgement aside given that it was secured because they sent the summons to an address that i hadn't lived at for 6 years, and that not being able to provide the or
  13. I have just read the statement that you prepared for me and just wanted to clarify that I have borrowed money from my family so could pay the £4862 if i have to, to stop the eviction. I couldn't have written that statement anything like that well, so I am soo soo grateful ! ! !
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