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  1. Guys a need a little advice, I still hav'nt withdrawn my case from court because it was adjourned until 31 july and the bank have paid up now, but i want to claim wasted costs. Do i need to make a new claim for wasted costs or can i just carry on with the claim i 'v bee paid out for?
  2. Further the preveious post - the banks lawyers called the day before the hearing & offered to pay up in full Hope yours goes the same way
  3. I got a call from Cobbets yesterday and gues what... they want to settle in full I asked for written confirmation via e-mail which i took to the hearing. The judge took a look and adjourned for 28 days. Cobbets say the cheque is in the post Now all i need is direction on how to donate to the site
  4. A-dust, i'v got the same directions hearing at Ilford County Court on 8 june. I'm taking action against Natwest. I'l let you know the outcome here
  5. Hi Chris I'v received a premilinary hearing at ilford county court in june. The letter say it is to decide case track or transfer to the mercantile court. What was the outcome of your case. I'm a little nervous about it all, any advise would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. Hi Iv received notification for a premilinary hearing. It says it is for case track directions or transfer to mercantile court. do i treat it the same as a normal hearing or does this mean it will take longer for my claim to be settled? please advise thanks
  7. i just noticed that my hearing for 08 june is a premilinary hearing for case track directions or transfer to the Mercantile court does this mean my case will take longer to settle?
  8. do we know what time to expect news on Tom Brennan's case?
  9. 100% agree, its about time someone stood up for this issue
  10. if the above is correct then i assume your creditor has'nt taken any action to enforce the judgment - is this correct MinnieMouser?
  11. sequenci, if i full and final settlement is accepted - how would it be recorded on the credit file? would it be settled as normal or would it have reference to the settlement offer? does it have an adverse effect on the credit file?
  12. The judgment is removed if paid within 28 days and marked 'satisfied' if paid after 28 days. I dont think theres a 28 day wait before enforcement can commence. The idea of obtaining a CCJ is that other creditors become aware of it along with the fact that the creditor can use the legal system to enforce the debt. If the CCJ is not recorded by the registry trust then the credit reference agencies would'nt be aware of it - that seems to defeat the objective
  13. Hi I have a hearing coming up in june. Is there any areas i should swat up on just in case the bank's lawyers turn up to represent? Iv read loads of posts on the forum and i'm fairly confident. I'm just trying to get a list of the key issues i should be up to scratch with. Maybe a list of probable arguments with relevant responses? Thanks
  14. Hearing date set for 8 june 2007 @ 10.00am
  15. sorry to resurect this old thread but it was very interesting... any news from your quest guys?
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