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  1. Thanks for the most useful input. What I can not understand from this poorly worded legislation is, that the Tax deduction is calculated at a "Daily Rate" if so, how is this applied? Example 1 Council Tax £1000; days in uni (5dayx 25Week= 125days); Deduction =1000x(125/365). (Daily Rated) Example 2 Council Tax £1000; weeks in uni = 25; Deduction= 1000x ((25*7)/365 (Weekly rated) Example 3 Council tax £1000 registered each year £1000-25% (but of what period) Sep Year 1 - Jun Year 2 followed by Sep Year 2 - Jun Year 3 how is the tax then calculated. Both arrive at diff
  2. Many thanks for the response. I guess my position is somewhat unique being a male single parent, working and supporting a Student. Its truly amazing what we (my son and I) are not entitled to! (a bit of bitterness, sorry!) However as far I as can gather, no else is subject to the payment of Taxes during the summer recess. As an example Uni Campus are except from Tax during this period. I will let the complaints procedure deel with it and see where it leads. Thanks again for the help. Neil
  3. My son has recently completed his HND studies and has gone on to study at Sussex Uni as part of a continious process. My local council (Crawley) has so far refused to allow the Students discount for the period between June - Sept (The summer recess) as they say he changed courses and was not therefore in continous full time education. Looking at the "The Council Tax (Discount Disregards) Order 1992 3. A person is to be regarded as undertaking a full time course of education on a particular day if— (a)on the day he is enrolled for the purpose of attending such a course with a p
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