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  1. UPDATE, my wife can't recall what she put as the value of her clothes, but did buy the insurance coverage of £300 - will this affect me claiming for more than £300?
  2. @cumberland77 best wishes, keep us posted. I too would like to make a claim for lost clothes valued in excess of £700 (https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/418232-hermes-lost-wifes-clothes/) Kindest regards and best wishes ANDREW
  3. Oh my this is sorry tale of wow! In May of this year, we were on holiday in CenterParcs, and on the last day my wife was not well, so I packed up the car and off we went on our merry way home! About a week later, my wife could not find a trouser-suit! She searched for other items, an overcoat, cocktail dress, evening wear, etc. She put two and two together and realised that I (useless husband!) left her clothes in the wardrobe in CenterParcs! BTW, we would not normally take these "dress clothes" to CenterParcs but we attended a 50th Anniversary Party directly before going to CenterParcs. We called CenterParcs and they (a very helpful Karen) had the clothes - excellent (which means we have independent proof of the clothes)! CenterParcs recommended my wife use Hermes, so my wife then booked a collection and delivery service from Hermes Parcelnet Limited and paid £18.09 for the service (including signature and the £300 insurance, even though the cost of replacement clothes is circa £700). Anyhow, Hermes said they attempted to collect the package that CenterParcs had kindly wrapped up for us over 4 times! CenterParcs, said Hermes NEVER attempted these collections. In fact CenterParcs regularly use Hermes, and know the chap that collects. One day after phoning Hermes, they investigated! Subsequently, a Hermes representative visited CenterParcs and collected some packages, but not ours, the CenterParcs administrator knowing our grief and the Hermes collection person, asked him to take our package - this was taken as confirmed by the Hermes tracking system. A few days later, nothing arrived! A few more days and a couple of calls the Hermes, and they said it was in transit and would be delivered. A few more days and another call...they advised the package was now lost but they would investigate! Since then we have raised a claim, but this has been denied as we do not have proof of purchase for the clothing. Who keeps proof of purchase for clothing that's a year or more old? For example, the winter velvet overcoat was a gift from our children some years ago; the cost of this item alone would be over £200. I am so incensed at this and the total lack of care. So I would like to bring a claim against Hermes so as to recover £700 in order to replace my wife's lost clothes. Attached is a letter I plan to use. I would sincerely welcome any "pointers" on how to get this resolved. ANDREW CHESNEY LBA Hermes.pdf
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