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  1. A signed copy of the original £8000 loan agreement arrived and a statement of the account however this only states the £9500 minus the last six or so payments made £2/month, do we have a right to ask for a full account statement i.e. how £8000 became £9500? Any advise gratefully recieved!
  2. Thanks, checked the dates last night for the registered letter, is the 12+2 working days?
  3. Hello everybody, can anybody help I have sent a CCA letter off to Santander about three weeks ago, I have heard nothing, what should I do next? The loan is actually a cahoot loan taken out by my wife years ago (about 6), she defaulted on it and with the help of the CAB agreed to pay £2/month which she has been doing, we are trying to get our finances in order now and asked Santander for a settlement figure to which they offered £9500 on a £8000 loan, we was not happy hence the CCA request letter. Any advise gratefully accepted!
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