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  1. Cool - thank you Stigman - I will do that and let everyone know how I get on - hopefully I won't hear from them again now. Px
  2. Just add a paragraph in the letter that you vacated the property in Nov 2004 & that any alleged debt from that period is SB + you are not responsible for any after that time. I am still not sure about sending the statute barred letter as they did write to me years ago too and I sent the prove it letter as that bill too was for after the time I left the flat. Do you think I should go back with the prove it letter as I actually had a tenancy in a property in another county at the time of this bill they have sent me and they shouldn't really be sensing me someone elses bill - I would recommend thay find out who lives there now. I heard throught the grapevine that a big developer was working on the building after it was gutted so this is obviously an error on their part as they ought to have been billing the developer. Also if I send them a statute barred letter can they put this on my credit file which is what I am most worried about. I feel to admit I lived there is going to open a whole can of worms. HELP! I am very confused now. Px
  3. Thank you for this but I don't think the Statute Barred letter is sufficient as the date on the bill says 26th Novemeber 2008 - 4 years after I had left the property - this bill definitely isn't mine. Do you think I ought to admit I lived there for less that six months and there was a fire which gutted the property in November 2004 and I had to move out or is that opening a whole new can of worms as there may be an outstanding bill from that time that I am not aware of? I suppose if the then wrote with a preceeding bill I could send the statute barred letter then. Thank you for your help with this - it's very much appreciated Px
  4. Thank you - I have realised that now - it's not easy to think straight when you're worrying. Thank you so much for all your help. Px
  5. Thank you for this but as the date on the bill says 26th Novemeber 2008 - 4 years after I had left the property - this bill definitely isn't mine so I don't think the statute barre letter is sufficient. Do you guys think I ought to admint I lived there for less that six months and there was a fire which gutted the property in November 2004 and I had to move out or is that opening a whole new can of worms as there may be an outstanding bill from that time that I am not aware of? I suppose if the then wrote with a preceeding bill I could send the Statute Barred letter then. Px
  6. Hi - thank you for moving my letter to the right area but when I click on the link I cannot find my letter anywhere now? Px
  7. Hi everyone - can you please help. I sent the "prove it" letter to UK Search ages ago and have now had a letter back saying "Please find enclosed a copy of your bill enclosed from Souther Water". It is a bill with 3 names on it and has now gone up to £430. I got out out of that flat in November 2004 due to a fire and wan't allowed to go back to take meter readings as the place was gutted and unsafe. It was down to the Lanlord to sort all this and I'm pretty annoyd that 8 years later they are still chasing me for this. This bill is actually for water used bewteen 2006 and 2008 - long after I had left the property so it is NOT my bill anyway. Should I write back again stating that this is not my bill and unless they can prove I lived in that property at the that period in time (which they cannot of course becasue I didn't) then this is now harassment and I will be informing trading standards etc? Any help anyone can give for me to finally be able to put an end to this woul be much appreciated. Kind regards all, Px
  8. Thank you for your help. I cannot find the Limitation Act but have discovered that a debt is statute barred after 6 years anyway. I have just realized I got a letter from this exact same company 3 years ago and sent the "prove it" letter and never heard another word. I am going to send the same letter and see what happens. Thank you againg for your help. P
  9. Hello there, I have received a letter today from a company called UK Search Ltd. referring to a property I lived in 8 years ago saying I have an outstanding debt of about £300. There was a fire in the flat (which I shared with 2 other people) and we were all made homeless as the flat was gutted. I am not aware of their being anything outstanding to Southern Water but surely if there was a small amount (nowhere near £300) then this should have been written off by now. Also the address they have sent the letter to has my address plus the old address in the address box so I'mm not really sure how it was delivered to me anyway. Can anyone please advise me whether to send a "prove it" letter to this debt collection agency or just tell them I lived there 8 years ago so this is now out of date. Thank you in advance for any help you guys can give me with this. Pickles18
  10. Hi Panther, Good point - I didn't respond to their first letter so I wonder how they can assume I am the person they want and disclose details of the debt? Who are ICO? I have sent the "prove it" letter - I know it's nothing to do with me so that should be the end of it. P
  11. Thank you very much cerberusalert - very much appreciated. Shall I just send the letter to Frederickson or to both Frederickson and Bryan Carter? Love and light, P
  12. Hey guys, I have been away for 10 days and have returned to 2 letters today. The first is from Frederickson saying I owe £570 to Department for Work and Pensions!! The letter is dated 15th Feb and gives me 7 days to pay in full. The second letter is dated 24th Feb from Bryan Carter Solicitors and gives me 14 days to pay £695 (new balance). I have no idea what this is all about - what do you think I should write back to them? Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, P
  13. HAHA DB - or should I call you Inspector Cleuso? A bermb - surely it cannot be a bermb - lol! Excellent! I love it! They have no way forwards then!! I wonder why they buy debt if they have no way to collect unless they act outside the law. P
  14. Thank you cerbeluserut and DonkeyB, So basically they cannot send me information of what it is unless they establish it is something to do with me and they cannot establish whether it is anything to do with me unless I contact them? P
  15. Hi DonkeyB, Thanks for your post - I'm new to all this - why will they be in hot water if they send a further letter with account details? Is this some sort of breach? P
  16. Hi gh2008, Thanks for your reply. I have never had a catalogue or Egg card and I have a current mobile phone account being run perfectly. I am assuming this is nothing to do with me and unless they write again will ignore it. They haven't actually said I owe any money to anyone - they are just trying to eliminate me from a list I think. Are they in breach of OFT's rules by even writing to me? P
  17. Hi BD, Thank you for your advice - I am not going to make any contact with them as I have realised this is probably a fishing excercise on their part. I don't think it's anything to do with me so as you said I am not going to waste my time or money helping them. If I get a call I will follow your advice - and thank you again. Have a great day - Happy Valentines!! P
  18. Thank you for your help HS - I am going to wait to see if I hear them again. At this point they are not saying I actually owe anything to anyone just that they want to me to make contact with them. I'm surprised they haven't told me what it's concerning. If they write again I may just write "Not at this address - Return to Sender" on the letter.
  19. I have been at my address for 9 months and this morning received the following letter from Frederickson Internationa Ltd: "Dear Miss (My Surname) We have made enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence. Information has been redeived confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Due to data protection legislation details of the account are not included in this letter. Please call us immediately on (their 0845 number) quoting the above reference for more information. Yours sincerely" I have no knowledge of any outstanding debt - if I have any it may be from 2004 when I had a fire in my home and lost everything and life was rather chaotic - so I think this could be an old water bill or something. I have had a good look around this site and see that the general advice is not to telephone these people so I'm not going to. No doubt they will write again - surely they have to tell me what this matter relates to as I'm not going to make contact unless I know this is actually something to do with me. Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. The letter has been sent to the house I live in but without my flat number so isn't quite correct anyway.
  20. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cannot find where to start a post. I received a letter from Frederisckon International Ltd this morning saying they had made enquiries form confirmation of my address and asking me to call them. I think it is best not to call them and I have no idea what this can be about as I am not in any debt as far as I know. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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