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  1. its all well & good getting quotes elsewhere are they comparing the same items, are they using cheap aftermarket parts or are they using main dealer parts which are very expensive. what vehicle is it & can you post a breakdown of the invoice. leaving marks on customers cars is not good practice.
  2. in the game myself, its amazing how much little/non existent training mechanics get especially in a small independent garages, at our small garage we have gone on quite a few training courses because its amazing what tips you can get like snap on scanning courses, pagid brake courses etc. the dangerous ones are still always the DIY'ers who think they know what their doing & the standard is shocking & dangerous. i agree all mechanics need to be registered & show that they are good enough to work on cars too weed out the bad ones & gives the good honest hard workers who try
  3. it all depends on on the symptoms the 2 out of three cars had dual masses making horrible noises so they will need changing but what you said statement is nonsense give me an example of this. when clutches go they are not dangerous but in some cases not cost effective to replace.
  4. oh is it now? go tell my 3 customers one on a vauxhall zafira dmf with clutch 6hr job just under £900 pound, another 06 renault clio around £500 & the final one peugeot 307 dmf with clutch 7hr book time about £730. even something like an old school punto would be more than that & we can get that done in 1hr but book time is longer
  5. these dephaser pulley do tend to become faulty but i thought they work on oil pressure in the system not fuel pressure and you will soon know if your one becomes faulty the most obvious is engine cutting out on you & when from cold making a really high pitch squealing noise for a few seconds. on your last bill please do check what i asked earlier did kwik fit replace 1 or 2 exhaust sensors because if they only replaced 1 that could well be the fault itself in our garage lambda sensors that are faulty give the ecu wrong readings then fuel excessive can be dump in the system & wrec
  6. ouch, sounds like you have been bitten quite badly by the kwik fit outfit. unfortunately you will not be the only customer to have this problem with people who work for a garage who don't seem to know what they are doing. they have taken the easy route to mask the actual problem by just fitting a new cat without fixing the real problem whatever that maybe. has anyone found any fault codes or carried out full diagnostic testing showing live data as the vehicle runs to see if any faults are lurking. when you had the new cat & sensor fitted do you mean lambda sensors if you do some vehic
  7. on the gov website its says 9.7 days but i have been told i have 6.6 days from someone at my workplace. i don't know my rights Thanks
  8. hi just a quick question, i started work this year on the 28th august 2014 working monday-friday 8.30 to 5.30 & Saturday 9-1 (44 hours) how much holiday would i be entitled this year & what formula do you use to get to the figure. many thanks.
  9. does the garage sell cars? if so was it through the garage or was it sold by one of the people who worked there???
  10. so you are putting obstacles in the way, in regards that the other car seller is willing to look at it & even repair it, but you don't want them to. no excuse for them selling a a car with faults, did the vehicle come with a new mot with it? i ask this question because these items would have been picked up in it.
  11. what is the legal position regarding whats i have quoted. i would of thought YOU would have to return the vehicle to the trader with him giving you the refund.
  12. are you sure they didn't put a more expensive tyre on there & charged for nitrogen air in the tyre??
  13. what oil is supposed to go into your car & what oil did go into your car (brand & viscosity) then you can get better advice
  14. to me it seems everyone is guessing, what needs to happen is to get WHY the car has failed, until there is a inspection carried out then i would not be giving anything back. All we know is that it might have been caused by their driving. i would say to them to get evidence to back it up & until they start to issue court proceedings they are all talk. go & get advice from citizen advice to find out what they say.
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