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  1. Thanks for the info on this. I think I know what I will be sending off to Equidebt, but are there any suggestions as to how I should word the letter to AK regarding passing this debt onto Equidebt. Thanks again
  2. Hiya, I have a slightly unusual case here, well for me anyway. I have received plenty of letters in the past from various DCA's chasing for money and fired off the stature barred letter as they have provided all the info for the original debtor, however on this occassion I am not sure how to proceed. I received a letter from Equidebt informing me that they are chasing an amount of £1659 on behalf of Aktiv Kapital Ltd. They have provided no other information other than their own reference number. I did have correspondence with AK last year for a debt of £1300 and it was
  3. I have an update regarding Cabot. After firing off the prove it letter to them I received their latest reply to inform that indeed this debt was statute barred and in fact the payment that they stated I had made on the 3/1/07 for £3.19 has now mysteriously come to light as a payment error on their system. I have attached both letters for your amusement. I made an initial inquiry with the Police as I felt they had attempted to defraud me out of the money it was claimed was owed to them, however they have advised that at this stage they would not be able to investigate it further as i
  4. Thanks for the advice will get the prove it letter off to them first thing on Monday. Thanks again Paul
  5. Hi, I was hoping that someone could give me a little advice regarding Cabot as I am a little unsure as how to proceed. Back at the beginning of March out of the blue I received a standard letter from them stating that they wanted me to contact them regarding a very old credit card debt that I had with Providian. I responded with the standard SB letter that you kindly provide a template of on this forum. I didn't hear anything for about 4 weeks until I had another letter from them informing me that the account was overdue and to contact them immediately. As it wa
  6. Hi All, Well I got BCW's reply to my account in dispute letter; Dear Mr Young I write with regard to the recent communication concerning the above account and can confirm that this account has been closed at this office and returned to our clients. Any future correspondence should be directed to our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance. Yours faithfully Buchanan Clark & Wells Is this now the end of it, or do I now need to start on Aktiv Kapital or just wait for AK to contact me. If this is
  7. Hi, Just a quick update, the 12+2 working days has come and gone and heard absolutely nothing so today I have fired off the account in dispute letter. I wait with baited breath..... Cheers Paul
  8. Hi DT, Thanks for the advice and the template - I'm looking forward to using that in a fortnights time - if AK reply I'll post an update. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi All, Just thought I would add a quick update. I had a reply today from BCW to my CCA request. Firstly they returned my £1.00 postal order and stated that they do not hold any records at their offices. They go on to say that they have requested Aktiv Kapital to send me the documented evidence directly and that until then my account with them has been placed on hold. So I am now waiting in anticipation as to what AK decide to send me. It is also interesting to note that BCW made reference in the title of the letter they sent me to an address that I lived at over 9 years ago
  10. Thanks All, I can't open the link just yet, think I have to make some more posts, but I have found a copy of the CCA letter within the Library which also mentions CPUTR 2008 and this will go off tomorrow morning by recorded delivery Paul
  11. Hi Tingy, I can't recollect ever receiving the NOA, however we are talking back in 2003 when I believe the last payment was made, so I guess it may be possible that something was sent, I don't have any way to prove that I haven't received it so I guess that it could well be a stalemate as far as the NOA is concerned. Paul
  12. Thanks guys, I will post an update when they reply to the CCA. Paul
  13. Thanks guys for your replies. I will get the CCA off immediately as far as the SAR goes if I understand correctly this would go to Topman, the only thing is I don't believe I have any information i.e account numbers or reference numbers for Topman as it was so long ago when I last used the account - should I say in the SAR that this debt has been brought by AK and give AK's reference? Thanks again Paul
  14. Hi Formister, Thanks for explaining that. The simple answer is no - I have never had any correspondence at all from Aktiv Kapital relating to this debt. The first I heard about it was when BCW wrote to me a couple of weeks ago in their threatening tones which motivated me to send them the statute barred letter. Should I mention this when sending the CCA? or just hang fire with it for the moment. Thanks Paul
  15. Hi Formister, Thanks for your reply. The debt as far as I believe is owned by Aktiv Kapital which is the DCA, however, the correspondence that I am receiving is from BCW Group who are acting on behalf of Aktiv Kapital, the original creditor was Topman. I haven't received anything stating that it is a notice of assignment, although I am not entirely sure what this is. I will set about sending the CCA off to BCW and ask them again for evidence of the last payment made. Thanks again for your advice. Paul
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