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  1. Hi all My partner purchased a second hand car from a dealer on friday for £2600,on sunday two warning lights appeared for the power steering and the braking rendering it useless unless the problem is found On contacting the dealer this morning my partner was told that the car was sold as a private sale on behalf of a private individual and that therefore he was not liable for any repairs to the vehicle My partner also somewhat naively signed the invoice/reciept which states "this vehicle is a private sale on behalf of the above customer and no warranty/guarantee is implied or gi
  2. Hi I am a gas engineer we have large contracts installing heating systems in domestic property's I however am tasked with picking up and dealing with the problems after installs are completed my contract basically states that i am contracted to work 40 hrs and possibly more if needed , it does not mention less hours I am fully employed by this company and have been for the last five years thanks for looking
  3. hi all my employer recently moved to new offices and all employees were told that they would recieve their allocated work by text/e-mail and that we were not to visit the office itself at 8am every morning as we had done in the past i am contracted to work 40 hrs a week on an hourly rate normally 8am-5pm mon-fri ,however recently they have been sending me work at perhaps 10 oclock in the morning ,and the job may only take a couple of hours , after waiting around for more work if none came i would return home and wait there ,now on recieving my monthly pay they have only paid me the
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