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  1. hi j-m-kerr and thank you, I sent all my letters etc to my branch and didn't have any problems with delays etc they all get to where they got to go eventually.When it gets to the court proceedings then you will have to put down the head office address then. Good luck your on the way to getting your money back.
  2. hi lee Your statements will come in about 30 different batches lol so the postman will be kept busy. Have just got full settlement on my claim keep to your time scale and good luck
  3. thanks HSBCrusher:) hpw is it down there in shagtown will be in falmouth soon celebrating my birthday in the grapes hopefully will be drinking champagne now instead of doombar lol
  4. hi again just had phone coversation with woman from DG basically to find out if they had received my signed agreement back.Apparently they received it on friday last week so asked when we could expect funds in our account. she said it will take another few days for them to send a letter to us confirming everything then another 7 days for funds to go in our account......... is this right cos that will mean about another two weeks since signing agreement:confused: Have tried to contact Mr Langdale but not been able to.
  5. Can anyone tell me when to stop court action?? should I wait till money in bank?? We didn't go through mcol we went to the court themselves. Do I just ring them or do I need to sign something???
  6. lol lynseylou we had the same as did i think everyone who asked for statements from HSBC . maybe they have employed a specialist envelope licker for all those envelopes hehehe
  7. wow that new title looks sooooo good thanks blueskies for changing it, now can anyone point me in the direction of the survey please?????...i'm a bit dizzy from all the cartwheels lol woooohooooooooo I feel like i've won the lotto only better:D
  8. just had letter from dg offering full settlement £ 4988.90. Do I just cross out confidential claus????? Am very happy now. :D I want to thank everyone on this forum for their advice and I would also like to thank Lorraine Kelly for had I not been watching LK today I would never have known I could claim the charges back in the first place. Will of course be donating to the consumer action group when money comes through. Am off now to cartwheel round the garden lol. P.s how do I change my thread to *****WON*****
  9. hi lee We had the same problem still paying off managed load which we had to take out because all the charges they put on the account. We are at the final stages of our claim now having just been offered a final settlement which we declined. keep at them Lee it will be worth it n the long run
  10. ok ukdave thanks for the advice:)
  11. Hi just a quick question. I am claiming against hsbc but my sister who banks with abbey wanta to make a claim but is worried that her account will be closed. she is not on the net so can't ask for herself so could someone let me know if abbey are asking people to close their accounts. many thanks
  12. sorry forgot to mention they also have sent and allocation questionnaire which i need to fiil in by Nov 13th and they say it cost £100 to file it. our court fees were waived as we are on benefits so what can I do???
  13. after receiving offer on Sat which we declined by recorded delivery this morning and said we would accept as partial settlement, today we received a letter from the court which said that HSBC have filed their defence. Their defence is as follows:- 1) The claimant's accounts are governed by the defendant's personal and/or business banking terms and condiotions. 2) Pursuant to the defendant's terms and conditions the defendant is entitled to make a charge for it's services as set out in the defendants price lists. 3) It is denied that the fees charged for the services provided amount to a penalty or (if it is alleged ) a liquidated damages clause. It is denied the fees are an unfair contract term. The fees are an agreed price for a service provided by the defendant. I am right to be worried ??? or is this just a standard defence?? I'm starting to wish that I had accepted offer as full and final settlement. Can someone please help me
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