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  1. Thanks for the tip Chalkitup, Just going to ignore and see what happens. I'll post on here if anything comes of it. Not going to make it easy for them! If anyone else has experience with this please let me know.
  2. Hi PCS 4671, I've had a parking charge notice of these cowboys in Cardiff, It was half past 7 at night and I stopped for 10 minutes round the corner from my house because there were no spaces on my street and had to unload shopping. They are so sneaky and must have just been waiting for people to pull up. They want £75 or £150 after 14 days and I'm determined not to pay it, what are the chances of them taking me to court over it? A lot of people around are saying just don't pay them and ignore the letters etc. My other thought was just send them 20 odd post dated cheques for £3.25 for the next
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