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  1. Hi Rebel, Any idea where i can get more info on "hardship" charges ? Kind Regards Gary
  2. Hi Antone We are just in the process of claiming ESA for him , he has been diagnosed with depression and ash-purgers ?
  3. I wanted to add that im not just after what i can get but at the height of my success I paid a lot of tax and employed some 100 people , so i have done my bit.
  4. Hello, Firstly I dont expect or want sympathy for my plight. Cut a long story short i was a very successful business owner that made a lot of money almost overnight...i then discovered drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs and ended up losing the lot and am now penny less with a wife that works 5 hours a week and an 18 yr old son that because of me suffers from depression. I am going into gov funded detox and rehab in 2 weeks time for 4 months to deal with my problem and my depression , i have an outstanding claim for ESA and have not yet had and answer from them. I fully reali
  5. The summons is to dertermine who owns the car me or the car supermarket
  6. I did do an HPI check and it came back fine , Im guessing because it was so recently stolen it didnt show up , I also checked all the documents and chassis numbers etc to make sure they all matched. The car was a Discovery 3 worth about 15k . The Police failed to catch the theives. If the law states that the car belongs to Car Supermarket why would Judge summons me ?
  7. Long story short......I bought a car advertised in the Auto Trader , paid for it in cash , got stopped on way home, car stolen....usual story car was purchased from a car supermarket the week before using a cloned credit card . This all happened in November last year. Police didnt catch the thieves and Im £12k down. Today I get a letter from the Solicitors acting for the Police saying they have finished with the car and asking myself and the car supermarkets rep to come to court next week where the judge will decide who owns the car. Obviously being £12 down i would very much like t
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