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  1. Thanks dx100uk. Not sure that I completely understand your reply, that said, thank you for taking the time to reply. I did follow your link to the GDPR thread and Subject Access Requests. I can't remember if that was the term that the ICO used. I am not sure that it would have been a SAR, my bank didn't insist that I apply in writing and ultimately it wasn't my bank that was being obtuse. Then again, it may well be the case that the guy at the ICO did indeed use the term Subject Access Request. As I said, I got a call from a 0300 number and dec
  2. I emailed the Information Comissioner's Office for clarification. I explained the above and asked them if the DPA applies to firms. To my surprise, they phoned me today. Lloyd bank's policy of refusing to release information about corporate (ie business accounts) is incorrect. The fellow at the ICO told me I am legally entitled to ask my own bank to insist that Lloyds provide them with the info that I want. I cannot remember the name of the protocol but when i phoned my bank and explained that I had spoken to the ICO, my bank's operative spoke to
  3. Hi all, Not sure if I am posting this in the correct sub forum or not... I have recently been working as a sub contractor. On Friday the home owner told me that they recently discovered that the main contractor was recently released from prison for ripping subbies and customers off. I googled his name and discovered that, yes it is it true that he want sentenced to 38 months. I have been receiving trickle payments but I now realise how much I am owned. At no point have I really known who is paying me. I can see the truncated name of the account holder on my
  4. So the penalty noticed turned up. I must confess that I am tad confused by a number of inconsistencies. To begin with, I am told that I have 14 days to pay from the date of the letter. There is no date on the letter! It arrived 8 days after I was issued the notice. Today is now 11 days since it was issued Adittionally, the cover letter says: But the FPN print out says: So the letter suggests that I only have two options- pay up or go to court. However the FPN seems to suggest something different, a third option. Does it mean that I can ask for the
  5. According to DEFRA "If the authority is to offer an ‘informal’ appeals process (there is no legal requirement for one), it should set out the grounds when an appeal will be considered and how it will be decided." AFAIK the only way of appealing is to go to court. Given that the maximum fine is £2500 and a criminal record, and the fact that neither the government (DEFRA) or the LA (Ealing council) seem to be willing to provide definitions of "litter", I would imagine that most people will just pay up. It may well be the case that the majority of people handed notices are content
  6. Appeals processes are voluntary. Councils do not have to offer informal appeals. See the DEFRA link in my long post. I suspect that in the issue of parking/driving offences, they only allow then because of the potential public backlash. Regarding litter, if you can convince the public that you are pursuing hardened criminals, there will be less opposition
  7. My GF rang DEFRA looking for clarity as to whether dropping a roll up and then disposing of it is an offence. They declined to answer and told her to contact the Local Authority. My GF rang the Ealing Council. She asked them, they declined to answer. She then asked other more specific questions, such as, if sitting at a table on the high street outside a cafe that has no ashtray, is it an offence to drop a cigarette and then pick it up after you have finished your drink. The answer? It is at the discretion of the enforcement officer. So I still do not if I have broken a bylaw or n
  8. I too do not like litter. The fact that I am accused of leaving litter does not mean that I am actually guilty or that I think discarding cigarette butts is acceptable. I see the actions of the private company as being the thin edge of the wedge
  9. I smoke I do not and have never owned a driving licence. Am I able to take the higher moral ground with regard to pollution? I am a 40 something year old who never knowingly leaves litter behind. I go through life trying to treat others as I would hope that they treat me. I try to be fair and reasonable. I went to bed at 10.30 last night, with the expectation of getting up about 5.37am. I could not sleep. I got up. I went back to bed. I kept waking up. When I eventually got out of bed ,I was freezing because my t-shirt was covered in sweat. It was so cold that I had to
  10. So I have not committed an offence but I am probably better off taking a slap on the wrists because Ealing Council have decided that they would rather not offer people the opportunity to make informal appeal (and are possibly hoping that most people are to scared to go to court)?
  11. Would I have been committing an offence if I let it on the floor for long enough to extinguish itself and then picked it up without leaving it at any point? Which is exactly what infact happened. There is nothing to prove that that was not my intention
  12. After having replayed the incident in my head. I honestly believe that he intentionally grabbed my attention to distract me from either stubbing it out with my shoe and then picking it up or grinding it into oblivion. I was still standing over it at all times.
  13. Well according to the following I am bang to rights (assuming that the following is correct or that I have understood it). http://kb.keepbritaintidy.org/smokinglitter/legislation/legis.pdf I think that means that dropping a cigarette anywhere outdoors is an offence, which presumably would include my own garden, a pub garden and so on. "and then leave litter"? As soon as the agent saw me drop it he grabbed my attention, I was still standing over it. Once he mentioned it, I picked it up. Am I legally obliged to prove that had no intention of leaving an item as litt
  14. I guess that there are some people here that consider that I got my just deserts. My GF has done some research on my behalf and seems to think that one can not appeal against the penalty. You can reserve the right to go to court though, which is probably more money than I can afford to lose. AFAIK the penalty is a fixed £80, with no discount for paying early and not contesting the charge, unlike parking infractions. Is this standard practice? Or is it more likely to be the case that the private enforcement firm would not be interested in lower penalty charges. Additionally
  15. I did think that might be the case. I was walking in to a shop, and would have exit via the entry.
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