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  1. Hi, i need to make a claim for a smashed screen on my sons laptop. i have OSC on it and have been told it will be away for 6 weeks! Is this allowed, and do they have to provide a replacement for it while it is being repaired? And if they dont, surly i dont have to pay the weeks it is away as he wont have use of it? Thanks
  2. i need to make a claim against a credit agency for keeping my card details in their office, not encrypted, and using them to take paymenst without my permission. I know this is not allowed under the PCI guidelines and can lead to the company in question to lose their rights to take payments by any card and a very large fine. How do i make this complaint, to who, and what do i say? Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi dont know yet if it has been registered, and sorry, yes i meant incorrectly. We did ask lender about BOS but he didnt want to give us any info. Really hoping solicitors can find out some more for us. Like i've mentioned in an earlier post, a client of the same company has been advised by trading standards not make anymore payments as there agreement is not legal, hoping ours will be the same !!
  4. We are taking all the paper work with us to the solicitors tomorrow, we have noticed a few mistakes on it such as dates and figures, hoping he will be able to tell us if its been filled in correctly.
  5. http://www.reviewcentre.com/review782729.html this is the link and has comments underneath.
  6. yes it is a fixed sum loan secured with BOS. We are led to belive that they must produce this with seal when they come to reposess?, the agent who called on friday didnt have this.We are sending £40 to see if this has been done. Also on another site same company is under discussion about the Fixed sum agreement not being legal and trading standards have advised them to make no more payments ???....very confused !!
  7. going to solicitors to get a time order, as within 6-8 weeks i would be able to clear the amount owed?
  8. Thanks Hip Hop ....the car is parked on a private driveway, the lender did send out someone to reposess the car on friday, he then sent email stating he would get a court order, but may also follow to work, local shops and school and then take the car. we are going to see a solicitor on monday. The car sales and finance people are the same company. It was only on friday we learnt it was a personal loan and not HP. Do you know how long it would take to get a court order ? are we talking hours, days or weeks??. Also because it has a BOS will that make it a faster process?....need to buy som
  9. Can a BOS be witnessed by the manager of the garage ?,as it is him who has signed for it. Do the same rules apply the BOS is on a personal loan ?......Thanks
  10. Really do appreciate your help, i have a strong feeling they will be back over the weekend !!
  11. I will post up BOS as soon as i can, i have been reading through docs and on loan agreement it does say security Its a condition of this agreement that upon obtaining legal title to the goods (details set out above) that you enter into a bill of sale in the form provided to you.By way of security for all sums payable under this agreement.
  12. Thankyou so much for your help, sorry ive no scanner here to post up agreement, also the fixed sum loan agreement is regulated by the consumer credit act 1974...does this make any difference ?.....sorry for all the questions but lender is adamant he is in the right !! and i have no clue about laws
  13. There is a copy of BOS attatched to loan agreement, until yesterday i assumed we had a HP agreement, is there anything in law i could send to them stating that as its a personal loan they cant take it ?...thankyou
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