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  1. Can I still send a SAR off if I dont have a account number as I dont have the paperwork? X
  2. This is the problem I have no paperwork for any of it. Only thing I have done is told a PPI company that called the house about my possibile claim and they told me I had no claim cos the company had gone bust?
  3. My situation is exactly the same! I took out HP on a car from yes! In 2003 they told me I had to take the PPI or I couldn't have the car. After 2 years I took the car back as I was told the finance would end. I later found myself having to still pay back the insurances on the car which I am still paying off to this day with go debt which are a nasty company too! I have no idea where to start and feel its all over my head! I know you say dont go to a company but how can I fight them with no funds to do so. Also I dont have any paperwork or proof they said I had to take the insurance. Thank
  4. wow thats great news so what happens to the payments we are making at the moment??? not that i think i should be paying them anyway! lol Kerry x
  5. I have a debt with YCC from back in 2003. They told me when i bought the car that i had to take out PPI or i couldnt have the car. They said after half of the time of the credit aggrement had passed which in my case was 2 years i could had the car back with no more money to pay, so thats what i did. Ever since then they have been chasing me for the money for the PPI! i have been paying this for about 6 years now for a car i havnt had for the same amount of time! Im currently paying £30 a month but they keep bugging me to raise my payments event when i wasnt working! I dont have the original cr
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