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  1. Where can I find on here downloads for claiming charges and PPi claims from loans and card etc. Thank you
  2. There are letters that state 'we have agreed to settle the above debt for £XXXX, this is in short settlement of the account, which means that we will not pursue the balance, however the balance will remain on your credit file for up to 6 years from date of settlement'. It was just that I had some money and wanted to 'settle' as many as possible. They all accepted less some in full and final and some in 'short' settlement. Althouigh I agree with you that 'full and final' is best rather than 'short'.
  3. I believe (but I could be wrong) That full and final (although sometimes an agreed lesser sum) is marked as settled on credit file and/or removed from the credit file. Where Short is the same as partially settled and stays on the file for 6 years. Although the CCC's cannot pursue the amount left under the short settlement.
  4. Found it - Thank you - Apologies it was quite easy to find when you know where to look. Cancelled under cooling off period the agreement with HYC
  5. Thank you. I was trying to donate using paypal. Also can PPI reclaims be cheque etc or do they need to be paid to a card that has been settled albeit short or full and final?
  6. reclaimed charges but.. (hyc) Hello, I have successfully used HYC to gain refund charges on one of my 13 cards and loans, No card is active, 10 have been settled either full and final or short settlement. The other three are in default, but I have no more funds to settle them. I thought that as I had PPI on each of them and that I may be able to reclaim mis-sold PPI payments and also claim some charges. On one of the three HYC gained a payment of £74:02 in charges as most of the charge claimed were over 6 years ago and was refused by the card issuer (The Halifax - RBOS), who then credited th
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