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  1. I will go back and see what they can do again. I mean the reciept says the 28 days are for items bought in error or unwanted gifts which mine are not unwanted or bought in error but rather faulty.
  2. Well i thought that i would be eligible for something as i took them back within several months of buying them and i had the receipt along with everything else in a condition that would describe as not quite new but close to new. I did speak with Phillips who asked me a few questions then confirmed the product as having a faulty and when asked they advised taking it back to the store which i did.
  3. So i bought a new pair of earphones from HMV last october near the end of the month. Now the end of last month they developed a fault. At first i spoke to someone via chat on the Phillips website and they confirmed my product had a fault and advised me to take them back to the retailer/store where they were purchased. Today i took the headphones back to HMV with the original box and everything else that came with them along with the receipt from when i purchased them, the man behind the counter initially offered me a new pair then accepted my offer to get a different pair and pay the dif
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