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  1. I have found two old Abbey National loans where I was mis sold PPI. I have all the documents. Can I claim back the money now they have been sold to Santander? Anyone know where I write to? Advice grateful
  2. They have now rejected the original offer, however it is more complicated since because of the Bank's actions and mistakes, they terminated all my personal accounts and issued default notices which they refuse to withdraw. I have requested that since this is all because of their errors, they put matters back to pre 31st march i.e. withdraw claim on personal guarantee and let the Company continue to discuss proposals, re instate personal accounts since they were only affected by their action on the business account, but they refuse to do this and continue to demand repayment proposals from
  3. The issue I have with the bank is that the company made proposals to make monthly payments to repay the loan over a year ago. Our business manager confirms he was in receipt of this proposal and the bank has finally admitted it had a proposal. This proposal was not responded to and a year later we received a letter from my 'Business Manager' calling in the overdraft and asking for proposals which they already had. My business manager was away on holiday and the bank could not provide anyone to speak to to resolove matters. Upon his return he states he did not write the letter, it was done in h
  4. The only increase in the overdraft facility has been made by the bank recently to account for interest they have added. I did not request or agree to it.
  5. Thanks so much for this advice. The personal guarantee was signed in 2005, nothing since. I will check when overdraft was last renewed. It's a couple of years I'm sure. F & F @ 10% would be worth consideration if I could get that kind of thing agreed. I would be grateful if you could forward the info on the law firms.
  6. Also would the company need to receive a default notice re the overdraft. Nothing has been received, just a letter calling in the overdraft.
  7. the default notices may well be correct in content, however I was not given any opportunity to remedy breach because my business manager, in whose name the documents were issued, was away and knew nothing about the action. Despite many efforts, the bank could not provide me with anyone to speak to or correspond with in relation to this matter.
  8. I can't scan at the moment. The document is signed by me saying 'Signed and Delivered as a deed by (my name) in the presence of. No mention of Director. Interestingly it is witnessed, but the witness has not provided an address.
  9. I received a letter from Nat West addressed to my company calling in the overdraft of £30K. This was inspite of a repayment proposal I had already made to them which had been acknowledged but not accepted or declined. At the same time they issued default notices on my personal account and loan account effectively shutting everything down. The letters were written in the name of my Business Manager who was on holiday. There was no one that could help me. Upon his return he said my proposal relating to the company overdraft had been passed on. Nevertheless, I then received a letter calling
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