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  1. I am a train manager, not a revenue protection official. I check and issue tickets as part of my duties and in the years that I have worked, there have been few days on which at least one passenger did not attempt some form of ticket fraud. Almost invariably, fare evaders appear to think that what they are doing is not a crime. Many are blasé and dismissive, until that is, they are caught and the realisation dawns that intentional failure to pay fares is theft, pure and simple. Prosecution for more serious offences is a real possibility and a subsequent recordable conviction can wreck yo
  2. I am puzzled by the overwhelming numbers of 'silly mistakes' made by apparently educated and otherwise upright members of society. Interestingly, few if any seem to have taken premeditated action to avoid payment of their fare, or if they have, this is conveniently overlooked in the stampede to avoid prosecution. Shame on all those heartless RPIs who persecute these innocent mistake makers. Fair play for fare dodgers, no matter how you dress them up!
  3. I'm not suing anyone, the landlords are being pursued by the council and Trading Standards are now dealing with the agent. The inventory was made by an independent body on instruction from the agent. The contract (having the four necessary elements in place), was made before the inventory was carried out. This was to enable the property to be inventoried in its refurbished condition. The company then visited the premises expecting to find a property in reasonable order,discovered a semi derelict nightmare, but reported accurately on the state of the premises. This to the detriment of
  4. I didn't buy, I rented The inventory was delivered after the contract was signed. I have documentary proof that the agent promised to renovate, (with landlord's consent). The agents are under investigation by Trading Standards and other bodies. It is a hard lesson, but although I (we) have suffered from inconvenience and discomfort, we have comeback against the landlord, who is facing a bill of £17K to put the property right. The council will do the work and impose a charge if he does not. I am just highly pi$$ed off with the agents and if I can do my share to put a spoke in t
  5. An interesting response, particularly if taken with the general consensus that the doctrine of Caveat Emptor has been in decline since 1927 (Donoghue v Stevenson). There is also a whole raft of Consumer Protection Legislation which, whilst not acquitting the tenant of any responsibility in such proceedings, also places an onus upon agents as 'suppliers' This is particularly relevant in terms of electrical safety. Although meters and cabling are specifically exncluded, the lack of a suitable earth for appliances connected to this cabling rendered them potentially lethal and I am pleased
  6. Unfortunately, this type of allegation is quite common. Last time it happened to me, I responded that in my opinion I was being harassed because of MY racial origin when I was trying to carry out my duties, (which I had done consistently), regardless of race, colour or any other factor. I then asked the passenger for their details so that I could make a report. Passenger's jaw dropped and money was found and handed over for a ticket. I made a full report before going off duty and was lucky enough to have an Asian passenger voluntarily supply his details as a potential witness.
  7. Thanks for this. The agents have wilfully mis-described a property and its condition. (I actually have documentary evidence). The local power distribution network have just condemned the meter board and mains inlet. They are coming to do 'live work' to make safe, despite the agents insisting before we moved in that they have a valid certificate of electrical safety. Temporarily 'mislaid'. Agents I believe, also have an implied duty to perform services with the level of skill and competence which could normally be expected from the 'average' agent. I'm pretty sure, reading through
  8. Agreed the A4 was beautiful, modelled on a Bugatti car I think I heard once. Of course we missed you
  9. In the interest of clarity, could you expand on the OP just a little? Did the member of platform staff advise that it may be more expensive to purchase the ticket on train? Once on board, did you seek out the guard to purchase? Was the 'RPI' in uniform or a grey suit? I ask because had you boarded within a Penalty Fare zone and met an RPI, (suit), it is highly likely that a Penalty Fare would have been issued had she/he not accepted that you had been given authorisation to board without a ticket. PFs can of course be appealed. FGW guards are not Penalty Fare trained. They ar
  10. Good luck with this one. Personally, I think your case will fall, but there is SRPO's post and he/she is an expert. I am just concerned as to why you didn't buy before travel and why you seemed not to have searched out the guard of the train. No one wants a shoal of ticketless travellers. The hassle in dealing with them would not be worth the modest if any financial gain. Sadly, there is a culture of fare avoidance and RP teams do their best to combat it. Perhaps you suffered 'collateral damage' although you do appear to have offended against the letter of the law. Please do upd
  11. Sorry, I must have misread this. I thought that they had decided to proceed without involving the courts. Do you have an alternative to the summons, it seems that you have or am I confusing things even more? The Charter does not exclude the TOC from the provisions of relevant statute and/or Byelaws. It does however serve notice that a full fare ticket can be issued in cases like yours. However, it appears the inspector considered that your 'offence' merited a report, possibly because you had failed to buy the ticket when facilities were available.. This is based on interpretation of th
  12. Although you can be sold a full price fare if you do not have a valid ticket on boarding the train, having had the opportunity to purchase one, all front line staff have the option to report ticketless travellers should it be considered appropriate. They do not have to accept the fare. The inspector will have submitted the relevant report and the prosecutions department considered their next action. In your case, despite the fact that you committed an offence, they have decided to proceed without court action. Take a look here http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/system/galleries/download/m
  13. Dans le west nous have aussi, connectivity bluetooth entre nos credit card machines et the machines de ticket. Et...les cloggies are deja making un bon job de running les chemins de fer sur merseyside. Mais...I have pas entendu even un rumour que les rosbifs will run des operations on the rails d' outre mer
  14. Sorry, unfamiliar with this area of the boards. I should have known that there would be a dedicated section
  15. Hi I recently took out 2 year shorthold tenancy through an agent. I was promised that everything would be finished to a high standard. I had Sky go in to install their services and moved myself a few days later. Nothing had been done, the place was filthy and to cap it all, an operative from the local power company told me that the mains installation has some unauthorised connections and that it is potentially dangerous. The property inventory uses the negatives poor, dirty or damaged more than 80 times. Sadly, I didn't see this until I arrived at the property with packing cases.
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