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  1. Thanks, that was useful as is in line with what I thought. It wouldn't be worth going to the cost / risk of getting a report done for the amount of damage. Hopefully the photos make it obvious enough that the tree was rotten.
  2. Thanks people. The wife's insurance company doesn't think we have much hope of claiming. I'm hoping to speak to the farmer this evening so we will see what he has to say.
  3. I haven't as yet as it will force me down the route of conflict with the farmer as soon as I tell the insurance company about the previous trees and verbal conversations. I'd rather come to an agreement with the farmer first.
  4. Hi all, Can I just run the following past the experts here regarding whether or not it is possible to claim on my neighbour insurance... Two days ago, a tree on the local farmers land fell across a stream and road before falling onto my wife's car. Damage is relatively minor but the front windscreen is smashed and the bonnet will need replacing. My understanding is that this is normal covered under an "act of god" such that it will be necessary to claim from my wife's car insurance. However, there is additional facts which may enable us to claim of his insurance. First, the
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