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  1. Hi all I'm working with Stepchange to get all my finances in order and received some great help from them and also some great help on CAG forums (thanks DX100UK ) I ask MMF for a breakdown of the outstanding debt I have from a PDL and they have come back with this: Loan Date: 17/08/2011 Original Due Date: 31/08/2011 Orig loan value: 200.00 Loan interest: 60.00 Refinance Fee: 1672.00 Late Direct Debit fees: 51.00 Are they able to charge £1672.00 for refinance?!? Thanks in advance as always
  2. So I should do an SAR request on the one we are making payments against?
  3. Obviously as I said my stupidity amazes me also We haven't been receiving statements. The one we are in an agreement with paying I don't fully understand how an £8k/£10k loan becomes £26k but I guess that's WFS interest rates. The one I believe to be fraudulent we have not received any paperwork on for at least 4.5 years and until I contacted WFS on Friday they didn't even have our current address it was a previous address. I spoke to Sharp, Young & Pearce on Friday to find out if they had any information relating to this case as I believed it was the same as the other one and they said it was two separate agreements. They had instruction to handle case but it had been closed since 2011. They gave me a number for WFS and told me to contact them which I did and then the rest followed. The lady I spoke to at WFS said she could not tell me if photographic ID had been supplied at the time the loan was taken out but that it was a secured loan against an address which I know to be a housing association property.
  4. And just to confirm no we never lived at the address given on the loan agreement. This is a housing association property which the loan was apparently secured against.
  5. We have been making payments against the one we know is his and we are in an agreement for that one and that's not in question. The questionable one we have (albeit very stupidly) made a few payments against it when an Attachment of Earnings order was made as we thought it was the other one but no payments have been made on it since January 2011 and no-one has contacted us about it. It is only me contacting WFS that has started it up against. That's what we believe - we think somebody (we think someone who is vaguely known to us) has fraudulently taken out a loan in my husband's name.
  6. One says judgement/registration date: 19-03-2009 and the other says 17-02-2009 Thank you
  7. I originally posted in December when we started this process and I mentioned the 2 CCJs both relating to WFS I believed it to be a clerical errors and that they were both in fact the same debt that had been accidentally duplicated somehow on his file (stupid perhaps yes). I have been truthful thank you although maybe not clear so I apologise for that. Naturally my post is an abridged version not containing a lot of personal information and back story I felt was not relevant however I can elaborate if it helps although I can't see how it would do. In both documents (copies of CCJs from the Court the Claimant is named as Welcome Financial Services. I believe there has been A LOT of stupidity on our behalf as to how we have not noticed this before including the fact that payments have been made via an attachment of earnings order for the debt we believe not to be ours. It would of been a CCJ by default. I'm keen to know what the process is when applying for a secured personal loan? what documentation has to be supplied? As I said I'm a hold a bit until the copies of the loan agreement arrive but I guess I'm just looking for some help as to where I go from there. I suppose there is always a small possibility hubby has been duplicitous and the loan is in fact him but if it's not the onus will be on us to prove it wasn't him and we haven't helped that situation by making payments and corresponding because of being stupid and assuming that the WFS debts were one in the same and not checking reference numbers etc.
  8. I'm after a little advice please. We have been working with StepChange to sort out our financial difficulties and they suggesting using Noddle to check out reports. When we did so I noticed on my husbands, alongside a £20k WFS debt we were aware of, there was another large £45k debt we didn't know about. I have been doing some investigating (I am waiting for copies of the original loan agreement to come through) and it seems to be an agreement for a Secured Loan against a property. Now although we know the property we NEVER lived there and it's not linked by family etc but the property is a Housing Association property. So my immediate thoughts are why (if the debt does belong to my husband which it doesn't) would WFS give him another £18k loan if he'd already knocked them and they were successfully pursing him for that. Also why would WFS give a secured personal loan against a Council/Housing Association property? Any help or advice would be gratefully received - obviously I've stalled a bit until I get the paperwork through from WFS but I have no idea where to go from there. Options are currently throttle hubby for lying to me or throttle someone for taking out a loan in his name and having to prove that was the case.
  9. Thank you Fletch70 Apologies RosePetalBeauty I'm not trying to piggyback on your thread I was just genuinely intrigued as to what the attempt charge was
  10. Southern Electric wouldn't tell me if I was an affected customer they said I just had to sit tight and wait for the specialist team who are handling it to get round to me
  11. Apologies for asking a potentially daft question but what on earth is the attempt fee? my breakdown was: Loan Sum : £250 Interest : £394.50 Penalty : £80 Attempt Fee : £640 Debt Expenses : £100 Balance : £1445
  12. Thank you so much for the response - my initial thought is that it is the CCJ has somehow been duplicated (possibly wishful thinking I know) I will send SAR asap
  13. When hubby and I met almost 10 years ago I knew he came with a little baggage which was in the shape of some outstanding debt he had relating to a property he'd had repossessed. This included a £7k shortfall following the sale and an outstanding secured (against the house) loan with WFS (from memory he seems to think it was around £8k) We've had a few letters on and off over the time then a couple of CCJs during what was a very difficult time. I know an attachment of earning order was set up and he was paying direct from his wages for about a year during 2012/2013 maybe (I can't remember exactly) then he changed job and we failed to notify and have never heard anything since. We are currently working with StepChange to get things resolved and upon checking the credit report TWO CCJs appear - one for £46k issued March 2009 and one for £35k issued February 2009 both for WFS. I've initially requested copies of the CCJs but don't have any clue what to do from here. Thank you in advance
  14. Thank you very much for your help
  15. I have no idea how much the property eventually went Thank you for your help
  16. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post but I'm looking for some advice. I had a mortgage 2001/2002 with GMAC - I defaulted and resulted in the property being repossessed. My parents received a call today from Paratus about a mortgage debt (obviously they were looking for me but I haven't lived at home for 7+ years). I called them back and they advised I have an amount outstanding. They said they have been sending letters (I'm not sure where). Naturally at the time the mortgage was taken out I didn't have a particularly great credit history (classified as sub prime) but they still gave me a mortgage and charged a premium This maybe a stupid question but can they still chase for a debt that has been outstanding for that long?? I (perhaps somewhat naively) believed the matter to be resolved when the property was repossessed. Any help would be appreciated
  17. A £55 fine (I know stupid as I should of paid it at that) has turned into £355 after 2 Marston letters and 1 visit this morning which seems a little excessive
  18. Hi - I've got a hearing at 10am and the form asks for my income details. I am a stay at home mum - do I only put my income down or am I supposed to include my husbands?
  19. Just a note to let everyone know this has now been resolved - a huge thank you to Tomtubby for all your help
  20. Morning all - I've been in contact with my local Magistrates Court this morning who have advised me to go back to the Bailiffs and explain the situation and see if there is anything they can do? I feel like I'm going round in circles and constantly dreading every knock at the door
  21. Thank you for your response wonkeydonkey As it transpires some of my benefits (such as income support) have now been stopped due to a change in my circumstances but I am still in receipt of DLA (due to my daughter). I will look into the NATIONAL STANDARDS FOR ENFORCEMENT AGENTS MAY 2002 thank you for pointing me in this direction. There is no way I can afford to pay this fine all in one go even if god himself knocked at my door. I'm just worried about what the implications are. One of the other problems is I can't remember where exactly the original penalty was issued from to contact them direct in the hope of explaining the situation and hoping for a better resolution with them.
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