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  1. if I remember correctly they stoppped pre-ticking in 2007(ish) so any applications prior to that would most definately have been pre-ticked. I'm not sure if the lovely Ims, DX or CB (well any lovely site team really ) could clarify please??
  2. Hi Inertia Creeps, I had to pass this complaint onto the Financial Obudsman because Egg still refused to pay out. Their waiting list is so long that I think it will be a few more months before I hear anything. Hope you get yours sorted soon Take Care Lisa
  3. Hi DX, I calculated this and sent it off: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40788[/ATTACH] Although total offer seems wrong, the calculations of premium plus contractual interest seems ok. They offered me £430.33 for that so not too bad as only £15 out from what I made it. The 8% though that they offered is only £135.21 total payout: £565.54. Even if I used the stat.int spreadie and put in the total they offered of £430.33 from when the loan was paid off on 6th may 2003 instead of adding it to every payment it still doesn't seem enough. I'd be happy for them to calculate it from last payment
  4. can anyone check a calculation for me please of 8% interest??? Just had an offer of refund of premiums £430.33 (my calculation was £445.54 so i am happy with that as it's very close). They have only offered me £135.21 in 8% simple interest though and I worked it out to be more. The last payment was made on 6th May 2003 so I am making it £335.61 in interest from may 2003 - jan 2013. Have I got this wrong! Any help gratefully appreciated thanks in advance x
  5. Hi all, just to let you know that Barclaycard have completely ignored my LBA and the last letter I received from them on 25th September said they would aim to deal with my complaint and resolve matters by 16th October. I now need to read up and get my POC right and submit my claim. Really nervous, haven't done any of this for 6 years and for some reason don't feel as confident as I used to. Can't let them win this though, the refund would wipe out the debt I owe them because everything I owe now is just from charges. Thanks to everyone for help so far
  6. I am absolutely fuming!!! I sent in my claim on 23rd September. I wrote to them on 28th Nov reminding them they were a week overdue and giving them an extra 14 days. then yesterday I got a letter with a FOS Q attached telling mt to fill it out and send it back. I BLOODY SENT A FOS Q AND SOC WITH MY CLAIM!!!!! I rang them and demaned to know why they had asked me to fill another form in and why they had sent me this 9 weeks after my complaint only to be told they haven't recevied anything from me until my letter dated 28th Nov. I provided tracking number and proof of delivery in that lette
  7. a quick update, I sent them the letter mid sept asking about their filing system etc and I got no reply. I phoned up 2 weeks ago and said to the chap that I know they got my letter as I sent it recorded and why hadn't they responded and why couldn't they find me? He said he could find me but no details of a credit card. I was arguing with him for about 20 minutes and told him I can see payments on my LLoyds bank statements so why can't they see that I clearly had a credit card less than 6 years ago! He asked me to give him bank statement date and payment dates etc so he could look into it as t
  8. Hi, yes I was because it was what I was expecting (well a tiny bit more actually ;-) and they coughed up without argument. I was wondering if that was because of what I put on my FOS Q about how it was sold. The chap made up a "fake" income to get it to go through in the end becasue it declined first time!)
  9. great thanks Andy, I posted a spreadsheet in post #6 and I'm pretty sure that's more than the statutory 8% they've been adding every month. I'll post out to both of them today. Thanks everyone x
  10. Thanks Mike, love the way you refer to them as "it" think that just about sums them up lol
  11. Thanks Andy, I have changed default to judgement. The only reference in POC to interest is 8% per annum from date of submitting the claim to date of judgement or sooner payment. Do you think the letter is enough? I found lots of references to adding interest after CCJ's on the internet but don't want to quote sections, cases (i.e Director General of Fair Trading v First National Bank plc [2001]) because I'm not sure if they are relevant and I don't want to put anything that's incorrect. (I think the above case refers to interest on loans not bank accounts for example). Do you th
  12. If anyone would like to comment/tweak/re-write this then please feel free. Writing letters is not my strong point Mrs ......... ......... .. Royal Bank of Scotland Group, 5th Floor, Hardman Boulevard, Manchester M3 3AQ 12th November 2012 Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: **-**-** ******** Case number: ******* I have recently discovered that you have been adding interest to my County Court Judgement after the judgement was made. May I remind you that the judgement states that the “Total to be paid” was made clear and that there is no reference
  13. Thank you so much for this, I think before I write I'll need to come up with some legal terms that I can quote so they no I mean business. As for the PPI they are paying this off the loan first and then any remainder into the currect account which I didn't mind because I would have used the money to reduce my debts anyway. I'm not sure if they have credited any account yet as it was only 2 weeks ago that I signed my acceptance form. It's really upsetting to see that what they will credit in PPI they have taken in interest so if I can get the interest removed then I will be very happy as my bal
  14. Hi Tedney, thanks for helping me out earlier. I'm not familiar BCOBS but I'll research it now! I used the spreadsheets from here for the PPI and had help getting all my deatails in order. Infact for 1 loan they offered quite a bit more than expected. It's complicated but I reported them to ICO in the end because they claimed they didn't have loan info etc, they soon found it and I was able to put in my claim which I won 2 weeks ago. Not sure if they will notify me as to where they actually apply my repayment though as it's for two laons one of which was cleared before I took second loan
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