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  1. Maybe I Did Maybe I Didnt Work For Them That Information Will Not Be Shared. The Truth = NO REFUND PERIOD! Even the queen wouldnt get a refund. The only refunds that have even been given that i can tell of are when an unlicisened clamper is asked to show his lisence on the spot which makes him remove the clamp free of charge and flee the scene before police come so he doesnt get caught! and as for the landowner getting a cut of the fee No he does not. i have known for the contract holders to be clamped before now and have to pay! cranleigh (stockland square?) this site was set up by the manag
  2. THEY ARE COWBOYS! i hold alot of information about this company, shall we start with the clampers they have employed? several not even able to comply with the regulations of getting a SIA license. But did this stop (edit) from employing them and giving them a 'SIA licensed' company van and the ten or twenty clamps needed for there ILLEGAL activities. No it did not. Another Clamper (edit) Has Been Found Guity Of Removing Clamps For A Quater Of The Price And Not Declaring They Have Paid, Keeping The Money In His Own Pocket. Did Mario Take Action And Dismiss Him? No A Congratulatory Pat On the
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