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  1. Hi I recently moved into a new property. and ordered sky. thy installed the TV on monday last week, monday night all my services were suspended. Having contacted sky on numerous occasions i have found out that the reason i have been suspended is because the property has 17 unpaid balances from previous tenants and the property is blacklisted I have been told to send a letter stating i am the new tenant and the property is occupied by me and my mum.. how to i word this letter??? nyone help on this please
  2. I have TV with buy as you view and everything was going fine until i got a new "account manager" who ignores all notes on my account ie:- DO NOT ATTEND PROPERTY IF ACCOUNT HOLDER NOT PRESENT being the main one. i am the only person on the CCA and HP agreements. there fore he should only deal with me well he attends my property while i am at work and he proceeds to tell my partners mum:- How much he is taking from the meter how much needs to be in the meter for next visit how much is left to clear the account all this information is divulged without my authority.
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