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  1. We've just send a polite but firm letter giving them the opportunity to refund in full within 14 days before we issue an LBA. If they don't or they try to stall by sending out any more guff letters then an LBA will be sent and we are quite happy to take this all the way. Cheers for your advice. We'll tackle APCOA later!
  2. Hi - My daughter received a ticket from Apcoa at a railway station. Although the photos in the accompanying letter shows that there is something stuck on the windscreen she swears blind that there was nothing there when she got back to her car. She had also just moved so the letter came through to us here. Rightly or wrongly she sent them a cheque for the £80 they were demanding. Further letters had arrived from ZZPS (the phoenix which arose from Roxburgh?) saying that this had been passed to them and that she now owed £140. She rang and said that it had been paid bu
  3. Hello all, A bit of background. I went out one night to find my car would not turn over at all. A mobile mechanic we had used for a few jobs before came and diagnosed that the engine had seized. I asked for a quote to put in an engine which he sorted out. I also got him to quote on a timing belt and new clutch (mine had done 150k) which, again, he did. As the cost of the work was way less than getting a car of similar quality (A 2004 Passat 130 TDi) I decided to go ahead with the work. There were a couple of teething problems with the car which the mobile mechanic seemed very dismissi
  4. Keep paying the original agreed amount to Halifax and ignore Wescot. They cannot do anything to you but will try to put pressure on you to pay amounts that you cannot afford. They have no power, they have no right to come and visit you or any of the other superpowers that they claim to have. Just stick with the original arrangement and you'll be fine. When the time comes up for review and if your circumstances haven't changed then keep paying the £1 but do write to Halifax (not any of the other monkeys) and let them know that is what you are doing. Wescot may try to intimidate you with threats
  5. Also do not, under any circumstances, give them your card details. It is not unknown for companies like this to just charge whatever they like to your card. Sending card details by email is as secure as sending them written on a postcard and not recommended at all. They cannot make "unexpected" visits as PGH7447 stated and you have every right to tell them that they are not allowed onto your property and that you will only correspond with them via email or post and not by telephone. Indeed, them offering discounts does sound like there is something very, very fishy h
  6. SIG are one of the shoddiest companies I have ever had to deal with. We qualify for the free insulation and booked an appointment for a survey. A bloke turned up and looked around the loft and did some diagrams. An appointment was booked for the loft insulation to be done. A team turned up, took one look at the loft and said that they hadn't come equipped to do this job and that the survey was wrong. They left saying that they would reschedule. Since then we have heard nothing. We have called numerous times, emailed and written and, so far, only one woman has bothered to respond. So today I am
  7. Thanks for that. She has sent a letter telling them to deal with me and I am going to fire a letter off at them this weekend. Let's see what that does!
  8. Hello all, My daughter was set up by a "friend" who used my daughter's bag to try and take goods from a Primark. My daughter was apprehend outside the store and then taken upstairs - the "friend" had disappeared by that stage. The police were never involved and the store did not pursue the matter any further other than barring her from entering another Primark. The girl who set her up is apparently know for doing this and, whilst my daughter is no saint, she wouldn't shoplift. She was totally up front with us and told us what had happened as she had nothing to hide. I did some readin
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