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  1. HI Just wanted to say thanks to people for the posts since I last posted on this thread (about 4 from the bottom). I would click on Erika's bottom-of-her-post icon for saying thanks but it doesn't appear to be showing up on my system; which I mention just incidentally. Thanks to *all* who have posted here. A new question though maybe this shd be in a new thread - I am really unclear how the tax credits people process a claim, not from the point of view of the technical side of it (seeing if you are eligible, giving out the amount, processing renewal claims, the time of year for this
  2. Hello On this mighty useful forum. I am wondering if I was mis-sold PPI or if it was too subtle for me to make a claim. I am getting to the end of a 5-year business loan. When applying for this, I was told by the woman at the bank that I could apply for the amount and the decision would be made by the person deciding (her boss or someone); however, that it would help the likelihood of me getting the loan if I took out PPI (I had said I didn't want to). She left with me a bit in other words rather than absolutely stating that I had to have PPI to get the loan; though it had also
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows about the process by which HMRC ratify/evaluate tax credits claims. It is clear I would be eligible for working tax credits as I do more than 35 hours work a week and my income/profit levels (I am self-employed) mean I would be eligible also. I have looked in to it and it is clear they would make an award based on my current year's taxable profits (my income/profit level for last tax year was just over the limit for eligibility), and that I would be eligible for 3 months backdating for a claim also. The points I am wondering about are s
  4. Many thanks to all who have replied here! @ inovermyhead2...(and possibly jabba jones and erikapnp) you sound like you really know what's on CIS, inovermyhead2 (nice user name b-t-w!); can I ask you then, does it have the amount of housing benefit = council tax benefit received on it (among the details of the other things you've mentioned are on it)? From what others have put (like jabba jones) it sounds like there may just be an 'indicator' or flag to say that you had a claim between such and such dates (without it saying the amount) - but I wonder if, as one or two of those other
  5. Hello What a great place this is. Loads of good - invaluable - information, in lots of areas. I would be v. grateful if anyone knows the answer to my query about the kind of information that is held on the DWP's system, the Customer Information System. Particularly if any ex-benefits officers or similar are able to respond (I say this having noticed there are some on this forum!). Basically, I am looking to make a tax credits claim. I understand that HMRC tax credits information gets put on the Customer Information System. This means that Local Authorities get given the tax cred
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