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  1. Oh my gawd better keep an eye on this then,thanks for the heads up.
  2. The debt is not mine I paid it on behalf of my partner,if they take any money out of my account with out my express permission they will be acting fraudulently,surely?
  3. We have had a photo copy of the agreements from Provident does this constitute a true copy? However there is nothing in writing about what was agreed with Moorecroft over the phone of payment of £30 a month. They are a third party in my eyes and have either brought the debt or it has been handed to them by Provident. Do I send the letter above or adapt the others. Sorry for being a pain.
  4. We phone Moorecroft and pay normally by debit card.
  5. Is there a template letter on how to word this ??
  6. I wonder if you can help. My partner has had two loans from the Provident,unbeknown to me. The first was on the 5/12/08 and 5/06/09.The first for £600 and the second for £400. She has been paying them but then got into difficulties. Because she didnt tell me I didnt know how much she got behind until letters started appearing. This has caused many arguments between us. Moorecroft have been involved and I agreed with them via my partner that £30 a month would be paid off what I thought was one debt,the first one for £600.We paid a one off goodwill payment of £10 and started to pay t
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