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  1. Okie dokie, thanks for that link I will keep it handy. I have just found a couple of proofs of me supplying 2 monthly payslips too! So the next one would have been the full amount. It's that piece of paper they give you when you go down there & produce documents in person? It has the received box ticked & signed by the woman behind the counter for payslips & the 2 monthly bit is underlined. So now I have all the proof I needed that I did what I was asked. I knew I had shown them 2 payslips & not just the first one! You know when you get a bee in your bonnet because no matter how long ago something is, you know what you would have done in the situation. I would never have been stupid enough to not produce the 2nd payslip. And they would have stopped my benefit if I hadn't anyway I expect. I had been on housing benefit before, but that was when I was on income support, but tbh I still wouldn't have a clue how they work it all out. I think people tend to trust what they tell us! My sister worked in the overpayment of Income support years ago & she said even if it is their error, they'll still try & claim it off you, people need to appeal, & she said 80% of those appeals were ruled non repayable. It's because they hope people wont appeal & will just pay it! She admitted it was all wrong really the way they used to do it. Probably they still do!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Um, but on the award letter the amount was right that they had for my wages? If 'earned income' does mean my job? It's only today that she told me they have written down that they only calculated it on 275 per month? So if it was right on the award letter at the time, how would I have known I was getting too much benefit? I did remember thinking it was weird I didn't have to pay ANY towards my rent at the time, but a guy on the phone from there said it's because they dont take into account maintenance payments we receive now. So I was entitled to full benefit.
  3. Hi just joined, looks a great site. Sorry for this being long.... I came off IS 2 years ago, to work 16 hours a week & get tax credits & housing benefit. Anyway, had the compliance officer over today from the council, very nice lady. She agreed she should be called a review officer really, compliance sounds scarey I said lol Anyway, she had me down for 275.00 per month wages, this was from my first wage slip which wasn't a full month. They have a copy of contract saying hours & pay though. Which at the time was actually 402.00 per month. Anyway, she said I have been getting benefit based on 275 a month for the last 2 years! I got full housing benefit in a housing assosiation house, 2 children. She did say I should have been asked to provide another payslip at the time, as it looks like they have just used the first payslip to calculate it. Doh! Although I was sure I had provided a second payslip anyway, just cant prove it at the moment, but I am still looking through my paperwork. Anyway, later today I found a letter from housing benefit dated 2 weeks after I started the job, saying what I am going to be getting & what details of mine were used to work it out. On this letter it does say my earned income is 100.80 per week! That'll be my wages right? So now I am really confused. Admittedly I earn about 5 pounds a week more now, so I have to shoulder the overpayment there. That was my ignorance at not noticing a pay rise, our company is rubbish with communication. Anyway, where do I stand if they have made the mistake but not me? p.s I also have a pension at work 15 a month, which I started over a year ago, apparently they take into account half of, & I never let them know that, so that could work in my favour too.
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