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  1. So at least now you can relax a bit that it's sorted & you know they have everything worked out right & the over payment is set up to be paid back, no further action? But I know exactly where you are coming from in regards to another mistake happening. I think that's what's worried me this weekend. I have rung ion sick 2 days running now & will be up the docs tomorrow for a sick note because I cant even think of going to work at the moment, I went last week & was making silly mistakes because my head was elsewhere. Oh gosh I wish I had someone that offerred to pay mine back. Mine is 1200. My mum paid 1k on my brothers rent a year or so ago so that he didn't get evicted from his housing assosiation flat, he is on incap so he is supposed to pay towards his rent, but because he would rather get drunk & take coke & claim he is depressed & managed to get incap because of that, which actually meant he should pay some towards his rent each week but he didn't pay towards his rent, she bailed him out. She has tld me this weekend she will pay a month of my rent, less than 400 quid. If need be. I dont expect anyone to bail me out of trouble by anymeans, but that smarts a bit considering he doesn't have children to house & his rent arrears were his own doing! If I was in your shoes, & a family member offerred to pay the over payment, I would probably go for it, if only to get off the benefit, & be done with them, then pay the family memeber back? I dont know what your over payment was. But still better to owe family than the untrained coucil assessment staff that muffed it up in the first place & will keep doing, as I can show. They have me down for 7.10 per hour at the moment, I only earn 6.88. They have based that on my payslip for the xmas period including a bank holiday premium. It's not my fault I am down for working mondays, There are a few bank holiday mondays in the year. I will either make sure I book them off or ring in sick! Besides, I shall be kicking housing benefit to the curb because I cant take the stress of the way they work it out. x
  2. And did you get your next visit? Why did 2 people visit you?
  3. There ya go then Looby, do yourself a favour & get off the thing! They are completely incompetent when you claim, then when the muck up becomes apparent they blame you. I am sick of it to be honest. I would rather live on beans on toast than take anything from them now. I have eaten crisps for the last 2 weeks because I have been so stressed, so i'll lose weight! Just hope my work (supermarket) will give me extra hours. Who would believe some untrained baffoon in the housing benefit dept would have a single parent end up in such a state & owing money, yes it's up to us to double check what they have worked things out on, but if you dont get any rent arrears from your housing assosiation, & are told you're getting full benefit on the phone, you assume everything is hunky dorey. 6 of one & half a dozen of the other yes, but I have been told I got let down badly in regards of duty of care. And because of that & my not checking things I am now going to quit it & end up worse off because I am too scared anything like that will happen again. It sucks big time. If you can manage without claiming any housing benefits, get off it! x
  4. Can I just say I know of someone that was taken to court for benefit fraud (I dont know which dept took her to court, DWP or tax credits) but it was said her boyfriend lived with her, & she had claimed 45,000 pounds of benefit she wasn't entitled to. The court case lasted 2 days & people in her boyfriends family stated in court that he was living with them. I wont state weather she was guilty of the charge or not, that's not my place, but she basically got found not guilty. It is true that they have to prove someone is living with you to get a successful conviction & I know out of 20 prosecutions last year by my council only 18 were successful. I guess she may have been one of them. But I know how stressful the whole process is by going through it myself. Not the same situation, but over payment of what I apparently wasn't entitled to by no real fault of my own, if anything it was 50/50 fault between me & local council. I do think if you haven't done anything wrong, to take you to court they would hve to have some pretty damning evidence or it will be a win in court for you. Regardless of what your ex had registered at your address, if he wasn't actually living there & you can get faily members to state that, it will be up to the judge to decide. I would be completely gobsmacked if you are found guilty of owing 20k when you really dont! That would be shocking :o( x
  5. ROFL! made me laff that did! I am in trouble then too because I have a dog n cat sponging off me, I mean living here everyday of every week LOL
  6. Thanks. Just spoke to my little brother, I didn't realise he had come off housing benefit in the past, but he said the same thing, when he started working he just went in there & told them he wanted to stop claiming housing benefit & they cancelled it there n then. He also said why dont I increase my work hours for now from 16 to 30+ instead of living with a boyfriend, then i'll still be able to claim tax credits & not have to claim housing benefits. It's a pain in the arris unless you are on income support or job seekers/incap & it looks like they have me down for 7.10 per hour now insteadof the 6.88 I actually get, simply because over xmas I got a bank holiday premium because I worked the xmas bank holiday monday. They wouldn't have told me that though & I would be assessed as getting 20p an hour more, & adding up over a year when they get their rse in gear to do reviews I would end up actually getting LESS housing benefit. And you know they wouldn't give that back. Feel kinda relieved I wont have to answer to those lot anymore. I rang tax credits this week as I only just noticed on my bank statement that I am getting nearly 2 pounds a week more than what my award letter in april told me. But they dont tell you in writing it's gone up do they! Luckily he said that doesn't matter for them because you were obviously underpaid at some point & this is making up the difference, but housing benefit wouldn't realise that, they would cane me for not telling them about it! Too much hassle claiming housing benefit as I said. Worked out I can get by if my work will up my hours, will have to beg them, but would rather that than be held hostage by a council that isn't doing its job right! x
  7. My boyfriend, not been with him long, has said he's had enough of all this hassle I am getting with housing benefit. He reckons people are better off staying on income support or job seekers allowance as long as they can because the grief outweighs the benefits! Cant say after only been seeing him a short while I would have thought of moving in together, but if we did move in together atleast I can bin the benefits off!! He works. He doesn't like me being so stressed like this. And says once this overpayment business is sorted just come off it altogether. And deep down I am thinking if it doesn't work out with him I can always apply for benefits again. Although my children are early teens now so I guess it wont be long before they can pay mum rent & I wont need housing benefit! How easy is it to come off housing benefit, do I have to fill out another form as he wont provide his wages to them, he will think that's out of order. And we wouldn't qualify because of his pay. Obviously the overpayment I owe them will have to be paid off as they wont be able to take it out my benefit anymore. Anyone know how stopping housing benefit works?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Before they come to do the review, do they have all your details already, & just want to clarify they are right? I mean, do they check any state benefits you are getting? I had a visit from one last week & it turned out they had my wages down wrong for the last 2 years! They had my work contract but worked out benefits going by my first payslip which wasn't a full month. I didn't realise as I was getting full benefit so never read their yearly letters. Anyway long story short I had been overpaid 1200 over the 2 years. Got to pay that back weekly. She told me there is no law that says they ever have to do a review, my council does out the kindness off their heart it seems! lol but have fallen behind with them. Trouble now is she has told me over the phone what benefit I will now be getting, haven't had a letter yet but I have been on the benefits calculator that I saw a link for on here & it's still not working out! The calculator is saying I should be paying about 12 pounds more a week! I'm probably stressing over nothing but until I get the award letter I dont know what's happening with the difference the calculator is telling me I should be paying towards rent & the amount she is telling me?
  9. Is it normal for housing benefit compliance officers to do benefit reviews at your home? And when they do your benefit review, do they know exatly what you are claiming for & benefits you get before they visit & ask for proof of everything? If you're marked down for a state benefit surely they will check that at the review? or atleast check with dwp before or after the review?
  10. That's good news, glad you updated the thread, had been reading it for the last week or so. I got my overpayment letter today saying I owe 1200, my compliance officer had told me over the phone on wednesday what it was & said she has had a word with the woman that does the interviews under caution & explained how she could see how shocked I was when she told me how much less they had me down for earnign per month & because it is my first job since being on income support, I didn't realise it was up to me to provide 2 payslips, I didn't realise they work it out on payslips, I thought the fact I had given them my work contract was enough to work out my benefit. Trouble is I still think something is amiss, when I input my up to date weekly wages into the benefits calculator on line, it's not adding up. I am still waiting for my award letter that tells me what I need to pay towards my rent, & i'll get my dad to have a look at it, but at the moment I am thinking there will be more overpayment then I will be taken to court. I just want out now, it's too much Doc gave me Diazapam last week because I was thinking I would get taken to court. But he will only give me 9 days worth & said I cant be on it longer than that. If I have to go to court I am worried I wont be able to face that, & I worry about my children & what will happen to them. I didn't even have to go back to work when I did, I was getting bored at home, but I so wish I had not bothered now when you're on income support it's all sorted out for you.
  11. ptol, it is a complete minefield out there where benefits are concerned. It's good that you are on the ball & know what's coming because if you're not, you do get nasty suprises & it makes you ill (or more ill) I can tell you. xxx
  12. I'm really not explaining it very well LOLOL. Ok um, right, say the fair rent for a house is judged as 120 a week. But the rent is actually only 100 a week, so the council will definitely pay the full rent on that property, but when they work out your claim it turns out your awarded benefit would be 99.50 pence a week, will they actually expect you to pay that 50 pence? Or is it not worth their admin? As I have heard of people that would only be entitled to 50p a week housing benefit & they wont give them any housing benefit if it's 50p & under. Atleast our council wont anyway. Does that make more sense? Sorry, I am rubbish at explaining things lol
  13. Hi Yeh but that'll be because she's privately renting. What I mean is if you're in a housing assosiation property, which doesn't feature under the fair rent rules because they are always lower rents than normal anyway. It's just that I know they wont pay anyone housing benfit unless they qualify for more than 50p. See what I mean? Presumably because it's not worth the administration processing it. I wondered if it works the other way too. x
  14. If your rent is 95 pounds a week & you have been awarded 94.50, do they expect you to pay the 50p a week?
  15. Could just be they need to review it because it's looking a bit complex. They haven't stopped your benefits? Our reviews are done at home, we get a letter saying they are coming to us. The compliance officer that came to me said it's just better for people, especially the elderly who struggle to get there. You have been claiming for such a short period of time that it'll not be anything serious. And if for any reason they have overpaid you, they'll just ask you to pay it back in installments. As for someone stopping over once a week, there is no law against that. As long as he's not paying for your living. People whos husbands work away on the oil rigs would still not to be able to claim benefits because he is still paying their living costs even though he's not living at home 6 months a year. It's not as black n white as how many nights a boyfriend stays.
  16. DWP definitely works closely with other benefits, my sis used to work for social security & they can all check what you're getting, but i'm not sure about the amounts bit. They dont routinely do it though at set times I know that much. But they'll do it randomly with current claimers of a certain benefit? But at the end of the day people are responsible for letting everyone know when they no longer get a benefit because it's not automatic they'll all know. I learnt this the hard way.
  17. What's happening is your running away with your thoughts, I was doing that this week. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, I struggled with my kids, made mistakes at work, I ended up on Diazapam. My friend worked in Citizens advice a few years ago & his advice was IF you get called in for an interview under caution, if you can try & get someone from CAB that's ofe with benefits to go along with you great. But if you would rather just a friend that's fine. He also gave me a number for a benefits solicitor. I rang him & he said at the moment you dont know what the overpayment is, you dont know if they are going to call you in for an interview under caution. If those happen THEN ring me because anything I say at the moment will just be hypothetical. I also was convinced I was going to be done for fraud, & end up in prison. My CAB friend said there was a single mum of 2 that basically claimed 50,000 pounds of benefits she wasn't entitled to. She got a suspended sentence. There was a couple that pretended to live apart & were both claiming housing benefit for 2 seperate homes, they didn't go to prison either. There was someone else that had a business but claimed as unemplyed, the amount was over 100k, his solicitor did tell him to pack a bag as he would be going to prison. Ended up doing about 3 months in prison. Your family needs you, you have pointed out very good reasons why no judge would put you in prison. Especially as all this is down to human error & not intent or failure to declare. Not to mention the fact prisons are overcrowded enough as it is with violent criminals. I am waffling now, but I worry about you because I know how you're feeling at the moment, you're on another planet & your mind is trying to work out what has happened here & how you're going to have to prove you weren't aware all this was going on. And it's absolutely awful. Since I found out last night that my council know I wasn't [causing problems] them & it was partly their fault & partly mine, they basically failed in their duty of care, I can now breathe out. But I today have what I am calling the hangover from living on my nerves for the last week. I have rung in sick & need to adjust to be backing on the planet. I am also still concerned they have worked it out wrong & that'll take a while for me to get over. I really do hope you let us know how it goes beause I hate to think of anyone going through all that when they haven't intentionally done anything wrong. I will certainly be checking & double checking everything from now on because I couldn't go through it again it would tip me over the edge. I dont cope with stress. Just make sure you do the same once this is sorted because it is true that to a certain extent we need to do their job for them or atleast make sure they have worked things out right. Because human error happens everywhere, which is what my compliance officer said last night on the phone. And it's true you can appeal, I probably could too by claiming they failed to ask for a full payslip to base my benefit on, but they could say they didn't have to ask. She basically said that to me on the phone. So I am going to have to swallow the overpayment x
  18. Not unlike my story this one, I stopped getting dla for my son & carers allowance about 5 years ago, I obviously forgot to let housing benefit know, not that it would have made a difference then, I was on income support so would still get full housing benefit. 3 years later I started working part time, gave in my forms, they worked out my housing benefit as if I was still getting the dla & carers. I didn't know as I hadn't put it on the form when my new claim went in one I started working, they didn't know it had stopped as I hadn't told them, middle of last year they realised, by checking with DWP I expect, but there hadn't been an overpayment so I never heard about it. last week a compliance office came round to do a review & we realised they had my wages down wrong, they had based my pay on my first ever payslip & it was only a 2 week one because I had only just started halfway through Sainsburys pay period? Turns out I have been overpaid by 1200. Only found this out last night. So obviously when they realised I wasn't getting the dla et I hadn't been overpaid. If they had asked for a full months wage back when I started there would have been an overpayment, I dont know what would have happened then but as it turns out they will probably just let me pay this 1200 back every week. I had a really good compliance officer & she said she could tell by the shock on my face when she said they had me down for 275 a month that I didn't have a clue. When I was told over the phone when I started working what benefit I was going to get, I never read any award letters after that as long as my rent was paid I was happy. Turns out I should be paying 15 a week now. I think you'll be fine & yes you'll probably have an overpayment, but overpayments aren't usually fraud. Our council had 178000 pounds of overpayments last year. Only 20 people in that year were prosecuted. People make mistakes, us, them, mistakes aren't fraud. You'll be in a state of panic I expect right now, I got a parking ticket because I parked, got out the car, almost ran to the CAB office & didn't even think to get a ticket. You'll read places like this & no disrespect to these sites but you wont read much cheer, & people will say councils, DWP, Tax credits are ogres. They're not, they're people like us & they wont want to cause you grief if mistakes have happened. I hope it sorts out & hopefully you let us know, so other people can atleast read some good news not always bad. x
  19. Scrap that last bit, was notified of an overpayment a few months back, that they said wasn't going to be recovered back from me, was quite a bit of money, I did ask at the time but they didn't give me details, just said it wasn't down to me so I put it out my head. So from what I can roughly work out now is they might have overpaid me about 500 pounds going by my pay rise I didn't notice last october. And I even worked it out that I had got the payrise in 2009 (which I wouldn't have) just to be on the safe side. Going by the 35% extra earnings they let you keep. Them assuming I was only getting 275 a month wages is down to them, the compliance officer even said friday that they should have asked to see a full months wage slip a month after that first part month one they had seen, & with me assuming they would use my work contract as proof of earnings, that's where it's gone scewiff. My sister was saying that is atleast a 50/50 blame. They could say you should have noticed on the award letters, but that's assuming I got them, & they should still have asked for a full months payslip & it's fair for me to assume my work contract gave them enough info of what I would be getting. But i'll have to wait n see I know. I know being a sunday you are prob all thinking you had better things to do than read all this, but I wanted to explain why I deleted the post as it was waffle from me panicking & this post looked to not be an issue now. x
  20. I can relate to where you're at at the moment. And it's an awful worry isn't it. It doesn't sound like yours is anywhere as serious as mine. If you have had more than you're entitled to they'll usually just get you to repay over some time. Mine is looking like lack of communication between me & them & me not reading letters & just assuming it's all been worked out right. Could still be said that I should have paid more attention but if anything that's all I am guilty of. How they'll see it is another thing. They do seem like nice enough people that deal with these things, the lady I saw friday was anyway, & she said even the people that do the interviews at the office are nie people, so hopefully your place is the same & bear in mind how complex the way they work it all out atually is. Unless you work there you would be incredibly clever to know how it's all worked out imo. And the amount of things they have to deal with like this is phenominal, especially if they haven't done reviews for years like my one hasn't. When she said they should ever year, they'll be inundated at the moment. I'm sure the majority haven't gone out their way to commit offense. It's usually ignorance tbh.
  21. I guess that only applies to income support though? Not housing benefit? Now I am just hoping the info she had on paper today was wrong & the overpayment isn't going to be a massive amount, she said it's annoying that they dont have laptops because she had very little info in front of her, it was on computer back at her office. but it would be good if it's under 500 as she said if it's over 500 they automatically call you in for an interview that is taped. But she said they are a lovely couple of people that do the interviews so dont worry if that happens, it is basically for you to give your side across that you wasn't aware etc. If it's less than 500 they just ask you to repay over a length of time. I know for about the last year I have earnt about a fiver more a week than they knew about, but as she said that doesn't mean you have recieved 5 pounds a week more than you should have in housing benefits, it doesn't work like that. I just hate this! It scares you when you hear about people being accused of fraud if they have overpaid you.
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